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What does Field Sales Planner help you do?

Know Your Territories

Roll out territories to your field team on a clear map. Ideal for onboarding new team members.

Filter Potential Customers

Filter by customer potential, size, or last visit. Cluster together by location to ensure you are visiting the right prospects.

Plan and Route

Plan the most efficient trip to maximize your time. This gives you more customer facetime and the ability to fill in cancellations.

Update to CRM

Once you have visited your customer, update your CRM with a record of the visit or details of the visit, without going into the CRM.

Report Performance

Oversee the field performance to ensure productivity benefits are being realized right across the group.

What this means for you

Field Sales Leader

Field Sales Leader

Maximize the performance of your field team

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1.Bring in Technology to Support Your Team

  • Allow your field sales team to spend less time with administration, and more time in front of customers
  • Better up-front planning means less expense on travel and more customer visits squeezed into the same week
  • Empower your field sales team to make better decisions on where to spend their time. Pointing towards the right strategic opportunities for that week.

2.Visualize Your Field Team's Performance

  • Know which locations your team are visiting, and where they have been
  • Monitor how your team’s activities align with your strategic objectives. Are they visiting who you want them to?
  • See your sales performance data visually so that you can compare and contrast areas or teams

3.Decide Where Your Field Sales Team Grow Next

  • Analyze your marketplace. Build a common view of where your customers, supply centers, distribution, and competition are based. Use that view to plan your winning strategy
  • Share and communicate this knowledge across your team to speed up decision making

4.Plan and Optimize Your Field Sales Team

  • Identify gaps in sales coverage and how they compare with market opportunity. Plan new hires and partnerships to match.
  • Push updates of your sales territories out to your field team instantly
  • Report on your sales performance and how it lines up with your plans and strategic objectives

5.Align Support Efforts

  • Line up your sales efforts with Marketing programs, service center locations, or whatever else makes sense for your business
  • Communicate sales coverage with the Marketing and Operational teams to ensure that they are aligning with your sales team
Field Team Member

Field Team Member

Make each selling day work harder for you

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1.Prioritize the Highest Potential Accounts

Identifying the highest priority accounts when planning your day is key to a successful week. You can choose to visit customers who are possible to close by the end of the month or those who line up with your product objectives. Make conscious decisions on what type of customer you want to visit, and then find out where those customers are most densely located. From there you can build a plan for the week to maximize your time.

2.Plan Your Week

Start by creating a map of your call locations for each day. Filter the points to only show the accounts you have scheduled a call with. Each day you can open the relevant map and create an optimized route to ensure you get to see them all. Create your route and then have the option to open each leg in Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation.

3.Fill in Cancelled Meetings

One of the most frustrating things for salespeople is when meetings are canceled, especially if they have traveled to be there. With eSpatial Mobile, you can make the most of cancellations by identifying other accounts nearby that may be able to see you instead. All of their contact information from the CRM will be available right there for you.

4.Quickly Update Your Accounts

Once you have finished your day of sales calls, you can then quickly update fields such as "Status" or "Last Visited Date" right from your map. This means that your data is up to date for the next day and your manager can see what you have been doing without you having to do a bunch of paperwork.

Operations Team

Operations Team

Line up your territories, your field execution and your CRM

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1.Integrate Field Sales Activities with Sales Territories

Rollout territory updates directly to the field sales team. This way you can quickly make changes knowing that your users are working from the latest information.Align and balance your territories to make sure you are getting the most from the field sales team.

2.Easily Report on Field Sales Effectiveness

Show the location of your customers, distribution, competition as well as your field performance all in one place. Not only is it easy to understand, it is all in line with the same data being acted against in the field. Sharing is also simple. Print, publish to the web or send to powerpoint for easy internal decision making.

3.Integrate with Salesforce or Another CRM

Line us your field toolkit with your CRM via API, a managed sync process to your CRM, or use the field tool as the system of record. This will let you know that your sales team are seeing and updating the right pieces of data in the right places. All at minimum effort for everyone involved.

4.Easy Onboarding

Our world-class onboarding team are experts in achieving your data objectives. We will help you to work through challenges of data loading and data management, all to get your organization up and running in no time.

Example Field Sales Planner customers

Why choose eSpatial

  • An end-to-end solution for your field sales team
  • We provide rollout planning, training and ongoing support
  • Proven customer impact and customer references
  • Works independently outside of Salesforce or within
  • Data can be uploaded directly from excel for any dataset
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Available where you work

Direct Upload

Import data to and export data from Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel

Use in the Field

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Integrate CRM

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