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Territory optimization tool

Customize your maps

You can customize and label markers according to your business or organizational requirements. You have the option to choose from a wide range of pin styles in the library or upload your own images to create custom-branded markers. You can modify the appearance of your base map too.

  • Multiple base map styles: Customize your map with complete control over variables such as labels and more.
  • Turn by turn route navigation: Access turn-by-turn directions via the Google Maps link.
  • Sharing made easy: There are various ways to share your map, including private sharing, public publishing, and embedding within a webpage or blog using HTML code.
  • Share a map with just one click: With just one click, share your map with password protection to ensure only authorized individuals have access. Alternatively, make your map public for anyone to view.
  • Built to handle large datasets: Designed for operations teams, analysts, sales, and marketing, eSpatial easily handles large datasets.
  • Enterprise level security: eSpatial is ISO 29001 accredited. We offer the highest levels of security using AWS.
  • Data labelling tool: Visualize your customer location and other data on the map with labels.
  • Update your data with a click: You can easily access and edit point or customer data on the live map.
  • Color-by-value tool: Customise colors to show industry or customer type, vertical, asset type, and insurance risk category. The options are unlimited.
  • Role-based access control: Control user access by role to limit or increase access to critical maps.
  • Single sign on (SSO): For increased security, you can leverage SSO for your organization.

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