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Information about how our brand should be used in all communications

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The eSpatial logo is our most recognisable brand touch point, we have made it unique and adaptable to suit a wide variety of different uses.

Logo Use Cases

Our logo should appear as either the standard, black, or white options shown below. The black and white variations are designed to appear over backgrounds that would cause the standard logo to be difficult to see.

Logo exclusion zone

The white space surrounding the logo indicates the minimum distance to any other graphical element. This recommended spacing should be observed where possible.

eSpatial logo - Exclusion zone

Minimal logo

It is recommended that the brand mark not be decreased beyond the size illustrated as legibility will suffer.

eSpatial logo - Minimum width


The font typefaces used for the eSpatial brand is Poppins, a modern geometric open source font. The preferred styles are shown below.

Poppins regular


Poppins Semibold


Poppins bold



The eSpatial logo uses a CMYK / RGB graduation of the below 2 primary colors.

Logo turquoise

Hex: #09a7c9

RGB: 9, 167, 201

Pantone: 3125 CP

Logo purple

Hex: #423d88

RGB: 66, 61, 136

Pantone: 7672 CP

Topic colors

There is also a selection of topic specific colors that can be used in brand collateral such as product branding, topical content, e.g. a page dedicated to territory software will use the "Territory software" purple color below.

Mapping software

Hex: #d9342b

RGB: 217, 52, 43

Pantone: Warm Red C

Routing software

Hex: #0e60ad

RGB: 14, 96, 173

Pantone: 300 C

Territory software

Hex: #684a9e

RGB: 104, 74, 158

Pantone: 7677 C

Additional website topic colors

The above topic colors also have darker versions that are used to compliment the bright support colors for elements such as icon colors, button/link hover colors etc.

Mapping dark

Hex: #9c1811

RGB: 156, 24, 17

Routing dark

Hex: #083661

RGB: 8, 54, 97

Territory dark

Hex: #352652

RGB: 53, 38, 82

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