The eSpatial logo is our most recognisable brand touch point, we have made it unique and adaptable to suit a wide variety of different uses.

Logo Use Cases

Our logo should appear as either orange and blue or orange and white. The orange and blue is designed to appear over bright backgrounds and the orange and white over dark backgrounds. Should the logo need to appear over an orange background similar to the eSpatial orange, the entire logo should be white.

eSpatial Logo - Standard
eSpatial Logo - White text, orange e
eSpatial Logo - White text

Logo Spacing

When using our logo make sure the white space surrounding the logo is the height of the letter “e” to maximise impact and visibility.

eSpatial Logo - Standard


Our brand consists of two primary colours as well as a variety of muted colours to help emphasize imagery taken from our product.


These colours feature on our website as well as all printed media.


RGB: 29,97,166

Pantone: 7455C


RGB: 247,145,34

Pantone: 151C


These colours feature on our website.


RGB: 26,26,26


RGB: 51,51,51


RGB: 77,77,77


RGB: 239,239,239


These fonts are used everywhere from our website and promotional materials to all our printed media.

Font Sample - Calibri
Font Sample - Source Sans Pro

Company name

When making reference to our company name, the first letter is always a lowercase “e” followed by an uppercase “S” with no space between them, our company is always written as a single word and is pronounced /e – Spatial/.

e Spatial
e spatial
E Spatial