Proximity analysis tool

Used by sales, operations, and marketing to create visual buffers, calculate distance, or find the nearest neighbor to a location

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Proximity analysis tool
What is a proximity analysis tool
Video transcript for What is a proximity analysis tool

A proximity analysis tool enables you to analyse spatial relationships between your geographic features, based on distance or proximity.

So for example, I want to find the nearest 10 customers to my depot within 10 miles.

It's that simple and the details are shown in the table below.

What is a proximity analysis tool?

A proximity analysis tool enables you to analyze spatial relationships between geographical features based on their proximity or distance.

Proximity analysis tools are indispensable for operations teams. They provide insights into how geographic features interact and help make informed decisions based on spatial relationships. Proximity analysis tools usually include functionalities such as:

Proximity analysis - Buffering


Creating a buffer zone around specific geographic features, such as points, lines, or polygons, within a specified distance. It helps visualize and analyze areas within a certain proximity of a feature.

Proximity analysis - Distance measurement

Distance measurement

Calculating distances between points on a map.

Proximity analysis - Nearest neighbor analysis

Nearest neighbor analysis

Identifying the nearest geographic feature to each feature in a dataset based on distance.

Proximity analysis - Density analysis

Density analysis

Calculating the density of features within a specified area, often using techniques like kernel density estimation.

How to find the nearest neighboufrom a point

Step 1

Select the point you wish to do a nearest point analysis from.

Point selected on map

Step 2

Select Nearest.

Select nearest in the dropdown

Step 3

The filter window will then appear where you should enter the following:

  • Enter the nearest number of points to filter to
  • Choose the maximum distance these nearest neighbors can be from your base point
Filter(s) window

Step 4

Select the enter key [↵] to filter the dataset.

The dataset table displays only the nearest number of points.

Filtered data in the table panel

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