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Property on a map

Properties heat map

Visual representation

Real estate agents can use mapping software to understand the spatial relationships between properties, neighborhoods, and amenities, which can be especially useful when dealing with large areas or multiple properties.

Property analysis heat map

Market analysis

Real estate agents can use mapping software to analyze market trends, such as property values, sales history, and demographic data. This information enables agents to make more informed decisions about pricing, marketing strategies, and target demographics.

Property drive time analysis

Property search

eSpatial is a platform that helps real estate agents search for properties more efficiently. With eSpatial, agents can easily search for properties based on specific criteria such as location, price range, size, and amenities. It simplifies the property search process, enabling agents to quickly identify potential listings that more effectively meet their clients' needs.

4 reasons real estate agents choose eSpatial

  • It accelerates site selection and analysis times
  • It is perfect for planning geographic-focused sales and marketing campaigns
  • It is fast, intuitive, and the easiest-to-use mapping software on the market
  • Presenting and sharing property details on a map boosts collaboration and client engagement
Property radius map overlayed onto territories


eSpatial provides agents with various customization options to personalize their maps based on their specific needs. These options can include overlaying multiple data layers to give clients a complete understanding of the property and the surrounding areas. Styling your map is super easy, too.

Single property radius map

Client communication

Maps are the perfect medium for agents to communicate with their clients, especially those moving from another city or unfamiliar with the area. An agent can use maps to highlight essential features of a neighborhood, such as nearby schools, parks, shopping centers, and transportation options. It helps clients make more informed decisions about where they should buy or rent a property.

Visually appealing map of properties

Competitive advantage

Using eSpatial gives real estate agents a competitive advantage in the market. Agents who provide clients with comprehensive, visually appealing property information are more likely to attract and retain clients.

eSpatial's mapping software can improve real estate agents' operations' efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness, including market analysis, property search, client communication, and competitive positioning.

Frequently asked questions

Can I share territory alignments with colleagues?

Yes, colleagues with eSpatial credentials can access desired alignments.

Yes. We expect that most companies will benefit from our optimization algorithms. Still, even then, we also expect it to be a 90% solution with manual tweaks and changes to account for local knowledge from the field.

Yes, you can optimize up to 20 days in advance.

You can plan routes up to 20 days in advance.

In eSpatial, you will access your library, where you can store and access your maps.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

Yes. All are included in our Pro plan.

Yes, you have access to our nearest neighbor functionality in our Pro and Pro territories plans.

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