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Effortless territory and route optimization for sales
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eSpatial is a complete mapping platform, and the ultimate strategic territory design and route optimization tool for sales managers.

So whether you're managing a team of 50 or a thousand you have access to an intuitive platform that really empowers you to streamline your territory design and maximize productivity.

It has all the features you'll need, you can apply weighted balances, you can apply work indexes, you can easily analyze your changes, easily view on a graph how balanced your territories are, and then there's advanced scenario planning options for you too.

And then you can optimize up to 20 days routes.

Why eSpatial Mapping Software?

As a sales leader, you'll know the hassle of manually mapping out or designing territories for your sales team. Optimizing routes for maximum efficiency is also a challenge.

Your job is almost impossible without access to a mapping software tool with drivetime. 

It's time to revolutionize your approach with cutting-edge mapping software for sales leaders like you.

eSpatial's complete mapping platform is the ultimate strategic territory design and route optimization solution. Whether managing a team of fifty or a thousand, our intuitive platform empowers you to streamline territory design and maximize productivity like never before.

Territory map with customer locations overlaid onto the territories

Effortless Territory Design

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and guesswork. Our software lets you easily define territories based on a workload index, geographical data, demographics, sales potential, and more. Our advanced algorithms ensure that each territory maximizes sales potential with minimal overlap.

Route map on a laptop

Optimized Route Planning

Eliminate wasted time and fuel caused by inefficient routes. Our intelligent route optimization feature considers factors like traffic patterns, customer locations, and time constraints to provide you with the most efficient routes possible. With this feature, you can spend less time on the road and more time closing deals.

4 Reasons Sales Leaders Choose eSpatial

  • Powerful algorithms produce perfect results in minutes
  • It is the easiest, most intuitive territory and routing optimization tool to use
  • We offer unrivaled customers support and training for free
  • It includes powerful automation and balancing tools
3 tier drive time analysis

Data-driven Insights

Our reporting tools provide valuable insights into sales, territory coverage, customer coverage, and more. Customizable maps allow for trend identification, KPI tracking, and strategic growth initiatives.

Person looking at monitor with US state regional heat map

User-friendly Interface

We understand that time is valuable for busy sales leaders like yourself. So, we have created a platform with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You don't need to be a tech-wiz to gain a competitive edge.

Territory map in Salesforce

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Our software integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other sales tools, creating a unified sales ecosystem and eliminating data silos.

Scalable Solutions for Growth

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, our mapping software scales with your business. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics and scale your revenue operations seamlessly.

Ready to revolutionize your revenue operations? Experience the future of mapping software explicitly tailored for revenue operations managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Mobile App for Sales Routing?

Yes. The app is available in both Google and Apple app stores.

We have a Routing ROI calculator that can help you assess the potential cost savings of our route planner.

Using the optimization tool with a workload index. Workload is a measure of the effort involved in covering a territory. Importantly, it factors drive time when calculating your optimal territory design.

Optimization alone is proven to unlock up to 12% of new revenue, because your sales team's productivity is boosted by more time spent with customers.

We designed eSpatial for Enterprise-level optimizations and large volumes of data.

You can use CSV or spreadsheets to map your territories and customers.

Yes, we are entirely native to the Salesforce platform.

Yes, you can create up to six hierarchy levels in eSpatial.

Yes, you can apply unlimited balances (weighted balances) to your territory designs.

Yes. eSpatial is perfect for scenario planning, as you can access our comparison tools, which include visual and table views.

Yes. You can access a free 14-day trial to experience our territory mapping software. To explore our territory optimization capabilities, you will need to contact sales.

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