Territory design and management

A guide to help you define and assign your territories

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With this guide will provide in depth information on:

  • The fundamentals of territory design
  • Benefits of effective territory management
  • Understanding territory types
  • How to design effective sales territories
  • Best practices for designing effective territories
  • An essential toolkit for territory design and management

Use our guide to help you manage and design your territories

Effective territory design involves a careful balancing act, and a set-it-and-forget-it approach simply doesn’t work given the dynamic forces that shape both your market and your company. For that reason, it’s crucial to implement territory management into your organizational strategy.

Main benefits of effective territory design and management:

  • Improved customer coverage and engagement
  • Maximum earning potential for sales reps
  • Increased sales opportunities and revenue growth
  • More equitable workload distribution, reducing burnout
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Optimized travel times and costs for field reps
  • Better market penetration and competitive advantage
  • Enhanced ability to quickly adapt to market changes
  • Enhanced sales team productivity, efficiency and motivation

Download this template from eSpatial and get in depth information on how design and manage your territories as efficiently as possible.

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Territory management ensures efficient coverage of sales territories, meaning your team spends more time with customers. It results in more profitable selling time, lower travel costs and more motivated reps who can maximize their earning potential.

  1. Build territories from the ground up
  2. Design territories around customers, not staff locations
  3. Base territory quotas on potential sales opportunities
  4. Avoid perfection—allow for imbalanced territories
  5. Balance workload and resources
  6. Design your territories, then set quotas
  7. Consider team dynamics and client relationships
  1. What are you trying to achieve with your territory design projects?
  2. Do you require hierarchies?
  3. Can it scale as your business grows?
  4. Can you collaborate and share with your sales team?
  5. Can you layer in 3rd party data?
  6. What are your reporting needs?
  7. Is it easy to use?
  8. Is support available when I need it?

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