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Software and tech industry

Compare territory changes Compare territory changes

For Software and Tech Companies Who Want to

  1. Map and analyze customer locations
  2. Find the perfect location for field personnel
  3. Optimize, rightsize or downsize territories
  4. Improve retention, reduce turnover
  5. Maximize field team resource efficiencies
  6. Scenario planning to explore options for growth

Visualize Your Sales and Customer Data With Interactive Maps

Visualize your critical data on interactive maps publicly or privately. Click the links below to see interactive map examples:

Choose optimal locations Choose optimal locations

Perfect Your Recruitment Process

Find the perfect location for field-based staff. Select the ideal location for sales or marketing events. 

4 Reasons Software and Tech Companies Choose eSpatial

  • It is a complete mapping software platform
  • Map data, routes, and territories
  • We offer the best onboarding and training at no extra cost
  • Integrated with Salesforce
Present a data story with maps Present a data story with maps

Improve Staff Retention and Reduce Turnover

Share customer location data on maps with field-based teams to accelerate onboarding and improve training and development. 

Design, realign and optimize territories Design, realign and optimize territories

Optimize, Rightsize or Downsize Territories

  1. Optimize sales territories unlocking new revenue
  2. Tweak, fine-tune and move customers or ZIPs quickly
  3. Share and collaborate with key stakeholders
Create optimized sales and service routes Create optimized sales and service routes

Route Maps With Optimized Schedule on Mobile

  1. Add one more sales call a day with optimization
  2. Maximize time with customers
  3. Drive costs down
Territory map comparison Territory map comparison

Scenario Planning is Simple

  1. Heatmaps
  2. Territory comparison maps
  3. Color-coded and pin maps 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share Territory Alignments With Colleagues?

Yes, colleagues with eSpatial credentials can access desired alignments.

Yes. We expect that most companies will benefit from our optimization algorithms. Still, even then, we also expect it to be a 90% solution with manual tweaks and changes to account for local knowledge from the field.

Yes, you can optimize up to 20 days in advance.

You can plan routes up to 20 days in advance.

In eSpatial, you will access your library, where you can store and access your maps.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

Yes. All are included in our Pro plan.

Yes, you have access to our nearest neighbor functionality in our Pro and Pro territories plans.

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