Lasso tool

Use the selection tool to draw a polygon around a specific area on a map

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Lasso tool on a route map
What is a lasso tool
Video transcript for What is a lasso tool

The lasso tool in mapping software allows users to draw polygons to outline specific areas on a map.

So, for example, if I wanted to create a polygon I would simply just click the selection tool. I want to transfer these ZIPs from one territory to another. Draw a polygon around the area and then simply reassign those ZIPs to the other territory. It's that simple.

What is a lasso tool?

The lasso tool in mapping software allows users to draw polygons to outline specific areas on a map. To create a polygon, the user clicks and drags the cursor over their chosen location, and the software will capture the objects or data within that outlined area.

It provides a flexible way to define and manipulate spatial boundaries, making it useful in territory management and design tasks. The lasso tool's versatility makes it an ideal feature for users who need to interactively define irregular shapes on a map.

Lasso tool - Territory map

Territory map editing

The lasso tool can be employed in territory map editing tasks, enabling users to modify or reshape existing features on a map.

Overall, the lasso tool enhances the interactive and user-friendly aspects of mapping software, allowing users more control over the selection and representation of geographic information.

Lasso tool - Analyse highlighted data

Data analysis

In territory mapping and design, the Lasso tool isolates and analyzes data within a specific region. Users can quickly define an area of interest and perform various analytical tasks on the selected data.

Lasso tool - Highlighted selected points


Using the lasso tool, users can select specific map elements, such as data points or regions. This selection allows for further analysis or manipulation.

Lasso tool


Use the lasso tool to highlight specific areas on a map for presentation purposes or to draw attention to noteworthy geographic details.

Lasso tool - Custom shape


When creating maps, users may need to define custom boundaries or shapes. The lasso tool allows for the creation of irregular shapes, providing a flexible way to customize map elements.

How do you use the lasso tool?

Step 1

To start drawing your area on the map, left-click on the polygon button.

Lasso/polygon tool button

Step 2

Once done, select the check icon to assign the area to your territory. You can also confirm the area by double-clicking on the map itself.

Confirm polygon selection

Step 3

If you change your mind and wish to cancel the area drawn, click on the x mark.

Cancel polygon selection

Step 4

When the selection panel appears, select the territory to which you want to add the area and then click on the Reassign button.

Reassign territories button

Step 5

To add more fields to the selection panel, click on the hamburger icon next to the field name in the selection window and select the fields you want to display. Fields useful in balancing can be added to the Summary and Region Tab. Additionally, all data fields can be added to the points dataset tabs.

Add territory field hamburger

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