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Manufacturing industry

Choose optimal locations Choose optimal locations

For Manufacturers Who Want to

  1. Ensure manufacturing plants are in the right areas
  2. Get closer to your customers and distributors
  3. Minimize transport costs and inefficiencies
  4. Select the optimal location for transport hubs
  5. Optimize your supply chain
  6. Coordinate complex logistical challenges with maps
  7. Improve customer service with quicker delivery times and more frequent rep visits

Visualize Your Data With Interactive Maps

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors can easily share interactive maps publicly or privately. Click the links below to see interactive map examples:

4 Reasons Manufacturers Choose eSpatial

  • It is a complete mapping software platform
  • It is the simplest map maker to use
  • We offer the best onboarding and training at no extra cost
  • It is super fast
Present a data story with maps Present a data story with maps

Maps That Make Job Allocation Super Easy

  1. Make the right decisions when allocating jobs fast.
  2. Allocate to the right person with the right skillset
  3. Design, realign and optimize territories
Design, realign and optimize territories Design, realign and optimize territories

Maps That Make Territory Management Faster

  1. Optimize sales territories using a workload index
  2. Tweak, fine-tune and move customers quickly
  3. Share and collaborate with key stakeholders
Create optimized sales and service routes Create optimized sales and service routes

Maps to Help You Assign Field Sales and Service Leads Instantly

  1. Job allocation is easy
  2. Manage delivery routes fast
  3. Assign service and sales enquiries on shared maps
Identify market hotspots Identify market hotspots

Maps That Make Data Analysis Simple

  1. Hotspot heatmap
  2. Regional heatmap
  3. Color-coded map

The world's best support team is ready to help you. People expect fast responses to their questions, and mapping experts available to help get map-making fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share Territory Alignments With Colleagues?

Yes, colleagues with eSpatial credentials can access desired alignments.

Yes. We expect that most companies will benefit from our optimization algorithms. Still, even then, we also expect it to be a 90% solution with manual tweaks and changes to account for local knowledge from the field.

Yes, you can optimize up to 20 days in advance.

You can plan routes up to 20 days in advance.

In eSpatial, you will access your library, where you can store and access your maps.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

Yes. All are included in our Pro plan.

Yes, you have access to our nearest neighbor functionality in our Pro and Pro territories plans.

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