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Wholesale and distribution center

Choose optimal locations Choose optimal locations

Data analysis

eSpatial's mapping software includes analytics tools and maps that allow wholesalers and distributors to analyze delivery performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve operations.

Cost savings with interactive maps

By optimizing routes and enhancing efficiency, eSpatial's mapping software directly contributes to cost savings. This is achieved through reduced fuel consumption, labor costs, and vehicle maintenance, ultimately boosting profits for wholesalers and distributors:

4 reasons wholesalers and distributors choose eSpatial

  • Reduce fuel costs and time spent on the road
  • Accurate deliveries with precise mapping data
  • Easily identify trends and make data-backed decisions
  • Optimize delivery territories with ease
Design, realign and optimize territories Design, realign and optimize territories

Optimized territory design

Create balanced and equitable sales and service territories to maximize your field team's effectiveness and productivity.

Present a data story with maps Present a data story with maps

Improved customer service

eSpatial's mapping software can improve customer satisfaction by helping perfect your site selection for new distribution centers.

Create optimized delivery territories that minimize travel time and disruption.

Create optimized sales and service routes Create optimized sales and service routes

Optimized routing

Delivery routes can be optimized using mapping software, reducing fuel costs and time spent on the road.

Deliveries can be made accurately with precise mapping data, reducing errors and missed deliveries.

Identify market hotspots Identify market hotspots


eSpatial can scale with businesses, accommodating an increasing number of delivery routes and locations while maintaining efficiency.

See how eSpatial can help

Overall, reviewing and implementing mapping software can significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of distribution operations for wholesalers and distributors

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