Strategic Planning That Helps Clients Increase Revenue

The Kafafian Group, Inc. (TKG) is a consulting firm that has helped community banks become more efficient and profitable since 2001. Among other services they provide their customers with data analysis and strategic planning. In the last two years they have created more than 400 maps with eSpatial for dozens of clients

Kafafian consultants

The Challenge

The Kafafian Group utilizes eSpatial to provide their clients insights on, branch analysis, demographic data, customer analytics, and other strategic-driven information. In the past, they used a tool with limited functionality and wasn't very flexible.

“We're always trying to improve our output and what we're putting in front of executive management teams and boards,” said Andrew Rietz, Vice President of TKG. “We use a data provider that also produces mapping, and we have found that eSpatial gives us a superior output. The other provider's mapping capabilities did not feel fresh.”

The team at TKG started looking for a new tool to help them analyze and visualize their clients' data. They had two main requirements:

Customers map

1. a Visually Appealing Product

TKG uses mapping to analyze but also presents the results to clients. While they had a mapping tool in place, it did not allow much customization. That meant that TKG could not brand maps for their clients, and everyone saw a similar dated-looking map. Instead, TKG wanted to be able to present data in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing way that would wow clients.

Pin map color by value

2. More Flexible Analysis

Beyond the visual appeal of the final result, TKG found that their previous tool lacked critical functionality. They wanted something that would give them more flexibility to analyze data with heat maps, color-coded pin, and other important functions.

The Solution

Present a data story

1. Highly Customizable Mapping

When you're communicating complex location data visually, looks really do matter. That's why eSpatial offers highly customizable mapping. You can easily upload your own data, either through spreadsheets or by connecting with your CRM.

You can also customize maps by adjusting colors, pin icons and sizes, adding charts and annotations, and more.

Hotspot heatmap

2. Powerful Analysis Options

The type of map you need will vary based on what you're trying to understand about your data. That's why businesses need a variety of mapping features. By switching to eSpatial, TKG was able to use heat, radius, and color-coded maps to dig into the data for their clients.

The Result

"We started looking around at different data visualization and mapping software programs and did a fair amount of due diligence on multiple companies. After vetting various platforms, eSpatial rose to the top of our list," Mr. Rietz said. "I personally can say that we've loved it ever since."

In the last two years, TKG has created more than 400 maps with eSpatial for dozens of TKG's bank clients. With eSpatial's analysis power, they've been able to dig into datasets and make recommendations to help their clients evaluate opportunities and perform better.

They are able to layer together branch locations, non-sensitive customer information and demographic data to strategize and provide recommendations, like locations for new branches, branch or distribution system usage or areas for consolidation.

"Visually it just looks great. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes our presentations can be numbers heavy, but this is a good way to switch it up and show things in a little bit of a different fashion," said Mr. Rietz. "It sparks very good conversation in meetings."

TKG staff members, like Senior Consultant Megan McMahon, have found it easy to dive in and learn eSpatial. She uses the software to help clients gain a new understanding of both their customers and competitors. "Clients give us a data dump from their system and we combine other data analytics with eSpatial's powerful mapping software," Ms. McMahon said. "I think it really helps them visualize things in a way they haven't seen before."

eSpatial's powerful analysis tools also help TKG build a strategic plan for clients, ultimately helping the run more efficiently and increase revenue.

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