What is Mapping Software?

Mapping software takes existing location data (city, county, address, zip code, etc.) contained in a spreadsheet and converts it into a vibrant, insight-rich map. It is a means of visualizing key data, which can quickly convey an abundance of information.

For business

Mapping software is an indispensable business tool in today’s world, and is used by a range of industries and organizations. Marketing and sales companies uses it to track sales and generate new business. Insurers use it to measure levels of risk. Healthcare providers map patients and facilities for the most efficient delivery of treatment. Non-profits use it to communicate and organize volunteers. These are just some ways that eSpatial is being used by our customers. For more mapping success stories click here.

eSpatial not only maps spreadsheet data but can also generate reports, which can be segmented or filtered. This provides businesses and organizations with new insights that can lead to increased revenues, improved efficiencies and faster decision-making capabilities.

To see examples of maps built with eSpatial click here.
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