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Complete Guide to Mapping Software

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Mapping Software for Sales/Services, Marketing, and Distribution

eSpatial is the world’s best mapping software tool for Sales/Services, Marketing, and Distribution. Our mapping platform delivers meaningful insight, improves workflows, and maximizes field outcomes for leading businesses across the world. To get started on your project why not turn your data into your first map as part of a free trial. Or start a chat with one of our mapping experts who can get your project started. Just click the bottom right corner of your screen.

What is Mapping Software?

Mapping software takes your existing database of information which includes location data; city, county, address, zip code, etc. This is usually contained in a spreadsheet mapped to your sales volume, service center capabilities or donor history. Your mapping software then converts that spreadsheet into a vibrant visual map, where you can drill into analysis on each given point or filter to see how your information is distributed. It is a powerful means of visualizing key data, which can quickly add detailed understanding for you and your team.

Professional Mapping Software

Mapping software is an indispensable business tool in today's world and is used by a range of industries and organizations. Marketing and sales companies use it to track sales and generate new business. Insurers use it to measure levels of risk. Healthcare providers map patients and facilities for the most efficient delivery of treatment. Non-profits use it to communicate and organize volunteers. These are just some ways that eSpatial is being used by our customers.

Mapping Software - Different Map Types

Heat Maps

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Business Mapping Software

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Excel Mapping Software

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Interactive Map Data

Plot interactive map data with eSpatial

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Interactive Map Software

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Interactive Mapping Software

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Location Mapping Software

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Mapping Software UK

Need mapping software than can map the UK right down to post code level?

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Nonprofit Mapping Software

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Online Mapping Software

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Route Mapping Software

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Sales Territory Mapping Software

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Territory Mapping Software

For better business

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UK Postcode Mapping Software

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Zip Code Mapping Software

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Why Choose eSpatial For Mapping Software?

  • Simple to use - Create your map in 3 steps
  • Flexible range of styling options – make the Heat, Pin, Route or Territory map you need
  • Available where you work - Get eSpatial in Salesforce, Apple and Google Play store
  • Free trial including world class eSpatial support to get your heatmap started
  • Easy sharing and publishing options to make your map available to others

Create a Custom Map with Your Data in 3 Simple Steps

1: Prepare Your Data

Simply save your data to CSV format from your CRM, ERP or POS systems ensuring that you have header rows including your location information. Include any columns you want to be displayed in the information box attached to each map pin.

Download a sample here 

Prepare data for sales performance maps

2: Sign Up for an eSpatial Trial Account

Register for a free trial by clicking the button below, the screen shown to the right will ask you for a business email address and password, but no credit card information. This will begin your free trial where you can create your map right away.

3: Upload Your Data

Log into eSpatial and follow the add data process. It is normally as simple as clicking "Upload New Data" and following the onscreen instructions. If you have any difficulties, you can get help from real mapping experts on our live chat system. Just click on the bottom right corner of the page.

Your Spreadsheet Data on a Map

eSpatial Pin Map

As soon as your data is uploaded, it will be plotted on a map as seen above. Each pin on the map represents a row in your spreadsheet and all this data is contained within the information box which appears when a pin is clicked. This forms the basis for your data analysis. You can then style your map, run various analysis and share.

Start Mapping Now

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