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Craft your compelling data story Craft your compelling data story

1. Craft Your Compelling Data Story

With eSpatial map software, you can create your unique data story with vibrant interactive maps. Visualize complex datasets such as customer locations, sales performance, and operational efficiency KPIs. Use software mapping to personalize, color, and annotate maps to guide your viewers through your story and accelerate decision-making.

Design and optimize territories at lightning speed Design and optimize territories at lightning speed

2. Design and Optimize Territories at Lightning Speed

With eSpatial's powerful algorithms and automation, you can quickly design perfectly balanced territories. Our maps software offers advanced drivetime and workload balances that ensure you achieve optimization in a fraction of the time.

Take route planning to another level Take route planning to another level

3. Take Route Planning to Another Level

eSpatial's intelligent online mapping software frees field teams from planning and administration, leaving more time for customer and sales calls. Make up to 20% more calls a day.

Editing the style of a pin map Editing the style of a pin map

4. Advanced Data Analysis Mapping

Map your customers, sales coverage, operations, and assets. Easily find gaps in service areas and identify inefficiencies and wasted effort. Compare regional or territory performance and much more using our cutting-edge mapping programs.

Identify your market hotspots Identify your market hotspots

5. Identify Your Market Hotspots

Heat maps are amazing data analysis tools for sales, operations, and marketing teams.

Hotspot heatmaps, similar to weather maps, are a type of data visualization tool. It is easy to understand and analyze complex datasets, making them ideal for identifying new growth opportunities. For instance, they can help you identify areas with high customer density for targeted sales and marketing campaigns or a new distribution center.

Regional heatmaps instantly show your best and worst-performing regions, accelerating new learning and insights. Drill down to ZIP level for granular data analysis.

Choosing optimal locations for people or assets is easy Choosing optimal locations for people or assets is easy

6. Choosing Optimal Locations for People or Assets is Easy

Whether scaling or rightsizing, searching for a new site for an office, distribution center, warehouse, or marketing event, eSpatial eliminates the graft. Our software provides data-driven insights that can help you choose the optimal locations based on factors such as customer proximity and resource availability.

Analyze sales or marketing campaigns Analyze sales or marketing campaigns

7. Analyze Sales or Marketing Campaigns

Viewing sales and marketing campaign results on maps changes the game for sales, RevOps, and marketing. With eSpatial, you can overlay complex data on maps such as sales figures, customer demographics, and campaign reach. This simple process can shed new insight into campaign effectiveness and help you make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Analyze marketing spending and sales productivity and fine-tune your decision-making process.

Identify cost savings Identify cost savings

8. Identify Cost Savings

Controlling costs is easier with eSpatial's powerful visualization and analysis tools, whether driving down fuel costs, eliminating unnecessary drive time, or rebalancing resource coverage. Easily calculate the fastest routes for sales and operations teams.

Maps on the go with eSpatial mobile

9. Maps on the Go With eSpatial Mobile

Field sales and service love eSpatial because it simplifies their lives. With eSpatial mobile, the power of route optimization is in your hands. Fast, powerful, and intuitive, you can optimize up to 20 days in advance in minutes—and access turn-by-turn directions.

Unleash your creativity with custom styling, drawing, and selection tools Unleash your creativity with custom styling, drawing, and selection tools

10. Unleash Your Creativity With Custom Styling, Drawing, and Selection Tools

Build your dream maps in minutes. Design your maps your way. Access a host of powerful customization tools and get creative.

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7 Reasons to Choose eSpatial

  1. Simple to use - Create your map in three steps
  2. Complete mapping platform - Advanced maps and territory and route optimization on one platform.
  3. Powerful algorithms and automation - Complex territory and route optimizations take minutes, not days
  4. Most flexible - Use eSpatial in Salesforce, on any browser or Apple App Store and Google Play
  5. Customize - Get creative and design the heat, pin, route, or territory maps you need, your way
  6. World-class onboarding - Best-in-class training and support with NO PS costs
  7. Free trial - Discover maps, design territories, or optimize routes for free for 14 days

Support From Our Experts When You Need It

You're the expert on your data and line of work, but you may need some backup to complete your project. Your support team includes mapping (GIS) experts who will help you onboard faster with one-to-one guidance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Analyze My Sales Data and See Trends and Patterns?

Yes. eSpatial is packed with data analysis features like heatmaps, bubble maps, proximity maps, and drivetime analysis. All offer invaluable new insights into your sales data. Our advanced software for mapping, allows you to easily spot trends and patterns.

Yes. eSpatial is packed with data analysis features like heatmaps, bubble maps, proximity maps, and drivetime analysis. These map plotting software features offer invaluable new insights into your data, making it easy to plan marketing campaigns.

One of eSpatial's export options is direct to a PowerPoint presentation.

What-if-analysis is a core feature of all our spatial mapping software. It is perfect for sales, sales operations, and marketing.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

eSpatial is a perfect solution for your approvals process. As an administrator, you can set up user access rights.

Yes. You can overlay a dataset as a separate layer that shows your competitor's locations in the geospatial mapping software.

Density heatmaps show you the hotspot/ cluster areas of your data geographically like a weather map. A regional heatmap aggregates and color codes your data by regions, such as Counties or ZIP Codes.

It is a way to visualize your data through bubble maps. For example, If you wish to see how many customers you have in each US State, a bubble will be in the center of each state and sized bigger or smaller based on your customer volume.

Yes, you can select a territory or ZIP code, county, etc. And filter your data to that region.

If you open the table, you can filter by any verticals in your data.

Yes, you can filter all the data within a sales rep's territory on the map or filter the data from the "Account Owner" column in the table.

We have many styling options. You can change the color, size, and label of your data. Our data visualization tools are designed to help make spreadsheet data more accessible, helping gain insights so sales teams can use them to find the most efficient route based on location data every time. Click on the "Style" button in the control panel to see all your options.

Our polygon tool allows you to draw freehand custom areas.

Click on the point, and the information pop-up box appears. From here, you can edit the record and delete it.

All data must be imported via an Excel file. Please ensure that you have separate columns for street address, city, and state information. Plus, separate columns for all other metrics you wish to add.

Yes. Admins can set up groups and assign users to each group(s). Each group may or may not have specific permissions that the admin also controls.

Yes. All are included with eSpatial.

Yes, you have access to our nearest neighbor functionality with eSpatial.

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