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Mapping software with route optimization. Perfect for sales, operations, marketing, and data analysts. Single or multi-user.

$1,495 / per year 1,420 / per year £1,300 / per year

(€1,746.60 Inc VAT)

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  • Advanced maps like heatmaps and color-coded and pin maps
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Advanced styling
  • Analyze drive time
  • Secure map sharing

Pro Territories

Territory, routing, and mapping software. Perfect for creating, realigning, and sharing territories.

$4,995 / per year 4,745 / per year £4,345 / per year

(€5,836.35 Inc VAT)

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  • Includes all features in Pro
  • Create, realign, merge, and close territories with ease
  • Analyze territories for overlaps
  • Identify inefficient territories
  • Easily move accounts between territories
  • Lock priority accounts
Routing calculator

Complete Solution

Automate your sales territory design process. Enterprise-level optimization capabilities. Perfect for larger or complex projects.

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  • Includes all features in Pro territories
  • Includes 2 users
  • Create up to 6 territory hierarchies
  • Scenario planning and secure sharing
  • Enterprise level support
  • Territory optimization
  • Weighted balances
  • Workload index
  • Geographic, points-based, and hybrid territory types
  • Created weighted territory centers
  • Comparison tools

Additional Features

Pro Pro Territories Complete Solution
Mapping software
Upload maps
Private maps
Privacy features to protect your maps.
Public sharing
Publish your maps on your website.
Drivetime analysis
Create drive time buffers or measure the distance between points.
Private sharing
Draw custom areas
Use the lasso tool to draw new territories manually.
Data styling
Access advanced styling options to color code, label, and perfect how your map looks.
Data labelling
Visualize your customer names or details with labels.
High resolution printing
Inline data edit
Click a point on the map and you can edit your customer details.
Export to JPG, PDF, or PowerPoint.
Color by value
Use colors to show industry type, segments, revenue, lead types, and customer types.
Territory mapping software
Territory design
Easily create new sales and service territories.
Territory management
Merge, close, realign territories manually or using advanced automation.
Territory exceptions
Easily mange key accounts, national accounts using exceptions.
Territory optimization
Automate your territory design process with optimization. This will give you more accurate results in a fraction of the time.
Add a weighted balance
Add unlimited balances to refine your territory designs and perfect alignments.
Territory balance
Work index
The workload index uses call frequency, time spent in calls and an algorithm to calculate travel time to produce equitable, balanced territories.
Territory hierarchies
Create up to 6 hierarchy levels.
Territory comparison tool
After you have made territory changes you can compare before and after side by side allowing you to visualize and analyze the impact.
Territory centres
You can create geographic or weighted territory centers. Weighted centers account for customer concentrations to show you an ideal location for sales, marketing, and operations.
Scenario planning
Create a what-if analysis that optimizes territories based on various factors and variables
Route mapping software
Route optimization
Advanced algorithms will plan your day to minimize travel and maximize stops.
20-day schedules
Plan optimized schedules for up to 20 days in advance.
Mobile app
Turn-by-turn driving instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have Multiple Users on an Account?

Each plan has a set amount of users you can add if you require to add additional users; that is no problem. Your Customer Success Manager will assist you with this.

Each plan has a set number of users you can add if you require to add additional users, no problem. Your Customer Success Manager will assist you with this.

Excel data only.

You can share maps via PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG, and interactive public map links.

Yes, our tool allows you to automatically optimize your sales, service, or other territories in seconds.

Yes, our solutions come with our core mapping and data visualization platform.

Yes. We expect that most companies will benefit from our optimization algorithms. Still, even then, we also expect it to be a 90% solution with manual tweaks and changes to account for local knowledge from the field.

Yes. It is a powerful feature allowing a user to see maps side by side with corresponding tables showing the before and after.

Yes, users can balance territories on any metric or an index created from multiple variables. Typically, users will balance on a Workload or Potential Sales metric–either strategically better than historic revenue or simply the number of accounts.

Yes. It is advised, as it will best maximize your organization's resources. We consider the duration of account visits, frequency of those visits, and travel time to make those calls.

You can plan routes up to 20 days in advance.

Yes, you can optimize up to 20 days in advance.

Yes. eSpatial is packed with data analysis features like heatmaps, bubble maps, proximity maps, and drivetime analysis. All offer invaluable new insights into your data. You can easily plan marketing campaigns.

One of eSpatial's export options is direct to a PowerPoint presentation.

What-if-analysis is a core feature of all our products. It is perfect for sales, sales operations, and marketing.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

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