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Why replace Salesforce Maps?

Salesforce Maps is a great tool, but it's not for every organization.

Salesforce Maps started out as Terralign, which was acquired by MapAnything in 2018. Salesforce subsequently acquired MapAnything in 2019, thus creating Salesforce Maps. Because the company didn't create this software from the ground up, it comes with some limitations to consider, such as:

  • A lack of deal tracking capabilities within territories.
  • It can't show demographic and geographic data together.
  • Configuration and modification is time-consuming.
  • The tool isn't user-friendly, especially for new reps.

If your organization is using Salesforce Maps, you've likely already come across a few of these problems. So, what's the solution? Let's take a look at why an alternative mapping solution might be your best option.

Key reasons to consider an alternative to Salesforce Maps

Despite its limitations, Salesforce Maps still has a few valuable tools and features. So, you may be wondering why you should switch from this solution in the first place. While the ultimate decision is up to you, we can give you a few key reasons why it might be worth finding a Salesforce Maps alternative:

  1. You're concerned about the cost of Salesforce Maps and the licensing requirements.
  2. You need real-time, world-class support included.
  3. You want to include non-Salesforce data in your analyses.

Any one of these would be a valid reason for finding a new mapping tool.

eSpatial is an innovative solution combining the best parts of mapping, territory design, and route optimization into a single platform. As a standalone solution or one embedded within Salesforce, eSpatial has everything you need to build maps that drive better decisions.

Enhance analysis with non-Salesforce data

Using eSpatial for Salesforce doesn’t mean that you’re limited to only using data within your Salesforce Org. You can upload data from many other sources, such as ERP or POS systems. Just ensure it’s in an Excel or CSV format.

Many of our users overlay their Salesforce data with non-Salesforce data, such as demographics or points of interest, to enhance their analysis and improve decision-making.

No Salesforce license required

You need a complete sales optimization solution for your business. With eSpatial, you can tailor your package to suit your organization’s needs. Users don’t need a Salesforce license to access maps. They can use an eSpatial license or public access. We offer different packages for all kinds of business sizes. See how all of this comes together in our pricing area or contact us for a custom approach.

Get support from mapping experts

You might be used to a 48-hour support turnaround, but does that match your business needs? With eSpatial, you get access to real-time live support whenever you need it.

You’re the expert on your data and your business, but completing your mapping project might need some extra support. We provide expertise in both mapping and integration of your data, both in Salesforce and elsewhere. That’s why our eSpatial team includes qualified geographic information system (GIS) mapping experts who work with you. You can get their help during your trial, and they’ll be available in real-time as you get your mapping project up and running.

Speak to one of our mapping experts right now on chat or schedule a call today.

All seamlessly integrated with Salesforce

eSpatial for Salesforce is built to give you the full power of a complete mapping solution within your Salesforce Org. With seamless data loading of common Salesforce objects — such as leads, opportunities, and custom objects — geographically visualizing and analyzing your data could not be easier.

All the features eSpatial is renowned for — like territory and route optimization, heat mapping, proximity analysis, and map sharing — are included.

Who uses eSpatial?

Leaders of Sales and Operations turn to eSpatial when they want to optimize sales rep productivity and revenue but struggle to find a total solution to:

  • Discover actionable insights by visualizing and analyzing sales data
  • Optimize territory design to increase sales, reduce costs, and enhance resource productivity
  • Maximize rep selling time and utilization with advanced routing optimization
eSpatial is a bulletproof program. Without it we would only be half as effective as we are in opening new markets and finding areas of opportunity/weakness for our clients. And the customer support is off the hook. Their people should be teaching every other company in the world what support and customer service mean. Seriously your team should start another company teaching organizations how to deliver support. I can't recommend eSpatial highly enough.

Jay Montgomery


Build all the maps you need with a three-in-one solution

Giving more data options is useless, unless you can build the maps and workflows you need. The good news is that, with eSpatial, you can do all that and more. eSpatial combines the power of mapping, territories, and routing - all under a single platform.

What types of maps can you build with eSpatial?

With eSpatial, your options are near limitless. Need a few examples to set you in the right direction? Below are the eight most common map types created by our customers. 

But we've worked with thousands of unique cases for companies just like yours; get in touch with our team to discuss how we can accommodate any specific needs.

1. Regional heat map

Regional heat maps are commonly used for comparing performance and activity across boundaries, such as states, ZIP codes, or territories. With eMapping, you can quickly identify the areas where performance varies and then zoom in on the detail.


Hot spot heat maps are used to show geographic density. This is useful for understanding where things are most densely located (such as customers) and how they relate to the location of other items (like retail stores or service teams).


Territory maps are typically used for managing and making decisions around geographic areas of responsibility for either sales, service, or franchises. eTerritory comes with balancing tools to divide and align responsibility. This is proven to maximize productivity and evenly distribute the team workload.


Pin maps are generally used to show geographic locations of a range of items. This allows you to see where points are most densely located and how they relate to other item locations. With eMapping, you can build maps with basic pins or different images to chart various components.


Making a basic route from one place to another is a simple task. But what if you want to plan a route for multiple visits? eRouting allows you to choose which locations you should visit and plan the most efficient route to minimize windshield time.

San Francisco route map

Radius maps, also known as buffer maps, are useful when you need to understand how data points sit in relation to other features. These are commonly used as coverage maps to see where you may have gaps or overlap of coverage of your shops, services, and operations.

Radius map

It's often more valuable to let other people explore your maps. Interactive maps from eSpatial allow someone else to explore the details of your map. They can click on points and see the associated info, or zoom in on an area of interest. Any eSpatial map type can be shared as an interactive map.

Add extra details and explanations to any map type to support its story. eSpatial's annotation features even allow you to include images, text, logos, videos, or a slideshow for a richer final map presentation.


All seamlessly integrated to Salesforce

eSpatial for Salesforce is built to give you the full power of a complete mapping solution within your Salesforce Org. With seamless data loading of common Salesforce objects such as Leads and Opportunities and Custom Objects, geographically visualizing and analyzing your data could not be easier.

All the features eSpatial is renowned for — like territory and route optimization, heat mapping, proximity analysis, and sharing of maps — are included. 

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