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eSpatial is the only complete and independent mapping software solution with advanced visualization and geo-analytical capabilities on one easy-to-use platform.

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Managing data with spreadsheets is your worst nightmare. To make confident decisions, sales and marketing leaders need visual intelligence that brings data alive and presents it in ways that transform understanding. Business decisions are increasingly complicated. You need to analyze a lot of data and gain insights to make recommendations. Many leaders don’t know where to turn or are unsure how mapping technology can deliver ROI. They need an intuitive tool that maps complex data to easily spot trends and make smarter, strategic decisions. eSpatial is the comprehensive solution that enables sales and marketing teams to unlock actionable insights from data with customizable visualization and analysis tools. With eSpatial, workflows can run 32 times faster than Excel, save hundreds of hours in administration and accelerate decision-making. It's intelligent mapping, so you work smarter. Talk to an expert now.

More confident decisions with eSpatial's mapping software

Present your data story with power maps.

Analyze your competition and use advanced styling options.

Perfect your site selection process.

Interrogate performance with regional or hotspot heatmaps.

Optimize your resources with location intelligence.

Make job allocation easy with smarter workflows.

The perfect mapping platform for sales, marketing, and operations

What our customers say

Sales data can be mapped in minutes, which has saved customers countless hours which leads to faster more efficient alignments in less time

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Boost in revenue


Saving in administration time


Improvement in sales productivity

eMapping is packed with features

  • Add and analyze data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Intuitive data visualization for smarter, faster decisions.
  • Access custom drawing and selection tools.
  • Filter your data in live maps and share results.
  • Export your maps with one click.
  • Advanced mapping options like heatmaps, hotspots and bubble maps.
  • Color your datapoints and areas by value or size.
  • Huge selection of styling options. Be creative.
  • Access proximity and drive time analysis.

Success stories

Hundreds of customers across a wide range of industries have benefited from using eSpatial

Frequently asked questions

Can I analyze my sales data and see trends and patterns?

Yes. eSpatial is packed with data analysis features like heatmaps, bubble maps, proximity maps, and drivetime analysis. All offer invaluable new insights into your sales data. You can easily spot trends and patterns.

Yes. eSpatial is packed with data analysis features like heatmaps, bubble maps, proximity maps, and drivetime analysis. All offer invaluable new insights into your data. You can easily plan marketing campaigns.

One of eSpatial's export options is direct to a PowerPoint presentation.

What-if-analysis is a core feature of all our products. It is perfect for sales, sales operations, and marketing.

Yes. You can add all of your datasets directly as layers to your maps.

eSpatial is a perfect solution for your approvals process. As an administrator, you can set up user access rights.

Yes. You can overlay a dataset as a separate layer that shows your competitor's locations.

Density heatmaps show you the hotspot/ cluster areas of your data geographically like a weather map. A regional heatmap aggregates and color codes your data by regions, such as Counties or ZIP Codes.

It is a way to visualize your data in the form of bubbles. For example, If you wish to see how many customers you have in each US State, a bubble will be in the center of each state and sized bigger or smaller based on your customer volume.

Yes, you can select a territory or ZIP code, county, etc. And filter your data to that region.

If you open the table, you can filter by any verticals in your data.

Yes, you can filter all the data within a sales rep's territory on the map or filter the data from the "Account Owner" column in the table.

We have many styling options. You can change the color, size, and label of your data. Click on the "Style" button in the control panel to see all your options.

Our polygon tool allows you to draw freehand custom areas.

Click on the point, and the information pop-up box appears. From here, you can edit the record and delete it.

All data must be imported via an Excel file. Please ensure that you have separate columns for street address, city, and state information. Plus, separate columns for all other metrics you wish to add.

Yes. Admins can set up groups and assign users to each group(s). Each group may or may not have specific permissions that the admin also controls.

Yes. All are included in eSpatial.

Yes, you have access to our nearest neighbor functionality with eSpatial.