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What eMapping can do for you

eMapping is the only comprehensive and independent solution for visualization. You get the best geo-analytical capabilities, with advanced visualization on one platform.

Make confident decisions with eMapping

Present your data story with power maps.

Analyze your competition and use advanced styling options.

Perfect your site selection process.

Interrogate performance with regional or hotspot heatmaps.

Optimize your resources with location intelligence.

Make job allocation easy with smarter workflows.

Sales and marketing accelerate strategic decisions easily

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What our customers say

Sales data can be mapped in minutes, which has saved customers countless hours which leads to faster more efficient alignments in less time.


Up to 12% boost in revenue


Save more than 50% in administration time


Drive sales effectiveness up to 30%

eMapping is packed with features

  • Add and analyze data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Intuitive data visualization for smarter, faster decisions.
  • Access custom drawing and selection tools.
  • Filter your data in live maps and share results.
  • Export your maps with one click.
  • Advanced mapping options like heatmaps, hotspots and bubble maps.
  • Color your datapoints and areas by value or size.
  • Huge selection of styling options. Be creative.
  • Access proximity and drive time analysis.

Available solutions

Every organisation is unique, so eSpatial offers you three solutions. Start with one and scale. Or invest in the complete package for sales and sales operations.

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You know the struggle it can be to learn and adopt a new software package. You want real people guiding you through the onboarding process. That's where eSpatial excels. Customers rave about our support team. You will too.

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