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When plotting your data on a map, it’s important to be able to identify each point of information quickly. You might want something as simple as a dot or a pushpin for each point or you might prefer a meaningful symbol such as a factory icon.

The Pin Styling options in eSpatial contain a library of over 50 symbols that can be used to represent data points on your map. including industry-specific symbols for various industries. You can also add your own customer symbol such as a corporate logo. Learn how to style your map with our easy to follow how-to guide.

You have full control over how your data appears on your map. Pins can be customized in many ways including in the color, transparency, size, and clustering.

Clustering – This allows you to group a number of nearby data points together on a map. As you zoom in on the map, the cluster will break up until all map points are plotted individually

Color By Value – Use color range to highlight the range between the value of your data. For example, red for high-value accounts, yellow for low-value accounts.

Size By Value – Reveal your data value by pin size. The higher the value, the bigger the Pin size on the map. Below is an example of using different-sized pins to reveal volumes.

Symbol By Value – Using Symbol by Value allows you to add a different symbol to each point of data. For example, customers in different industries can be given a symbol that matches their industry.

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