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Splitting Sales Territories

Realign sales territories ensuring a fairer workload

Identify territories that would benefit from a split

Mapping helps you to visualize your territories, your sales staff, and your customer base in one place allowing you to see which territories are overloaded and under performing.

Realign your territories quickly and fairly

The eSpatial Territory Builder will help you to balance your territories fairly based on various data such as sales volume and sales potential.

Place new hires in the right locations

Often you will need to recruit new staff when territories are split. Mapping helps you to choose the right locations for those new hires.


Managing a sales team is not an easy task and when you see that some territories are not meeting their quota for the past 6 months, it raises red flags right away. You need to find out why these territories are underperforming so that they don't continue to do so.

Once you’ve identified the challenges you’re facing, you then need to start finding a solution and often it lies in the splitting and balancing of your sales territories. Doing this in excel is a very one-sided view of the data. You need to visualize it and analyze it and test different options before committing to the new territory definitions.

These new territory definitions then lead to new problems such as “do you need more staff to cover these territories?” or “where exactly should you be locating them?”


1. Why are my territories under-performing?

There could be many reasons why your territories are under-performing but some of the most common reasons are because sales staff have too few or too many accounts to manage and are struggling to meet the targets set. It is hard to decipher this information in a spreadsheet so you need something else to help you analyze your territory data.

2. How do I ensure a fair workload for my sales reps?

Once you’ve identified that your territories are under or overloaded with customer accounts you need to find a way to realign and balance those territories. You can do it in a spreadsheet, but it takes lots of formulas and time to do it. You need it done now so that this downward trend does not continue.

3. Where do I place the new recruits?

When you’ve realized that you need more sales rep to handle the number of accounts in each territory, you need to identify where is the best location to start recruiting in. You can make an educated guess but because you’re not very familiar with the territory, you’d rather make a more informed decision.


1.Territory Builder

The Territory Builder was used to create territories from the existing spreadsheet to provide a visualization of the spreadsheet data. You can build on Zips, Counties and States. Color-coding them based on the territory manager gives you a really quick overview of the size of the territories geographically.

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Territory Builder

2.Regional Heat Maps

Regional Heat Maps are used to quickly compare sales performance across the territories built in the Territory Builder by overlaying said territories with sales and rep data from your CRM. This map highlights performance by sales value of each territory. Applying labels would help to quickly identify if they are under or over budget for the year to date.

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Regional Heat Maps

3.Territory Alignment

Sales Territory Management with eSpatial can enhance your territory alignment. Aligned territories will result in balanced workloads for sales personnel, providing them with greater earning potential, improved morale, and career satisfaction. eSpatial allows you to balance your territories in terms of certain data such as area, population, or value. You can even add more data to use to balance your territories.

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Territory Alignment

4.Territory Hierarchies

Territory Hierarchies allow the organization to match a territory definition with the company’s hierarchical structure, for example national, regional, and local managers. Using Territorial Hierarchies also enables more flexibility over data visibility, collaboration, and delegation between you and your teams. If your organization’s hierarchy changes over time, individual nodes in the hierarchies can be easily moved, added, or deleted from each level.

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Territory Hierarchies


eSpatial’s advanced territory management features will help you to visualize your current territories and color code them based on their performance with an overlay of your current sales staff. Doing this helps you to identify the territories that would benefit from a split to ensure a higher output from sales staff.

The eSpatial Territory Builder allows you to split, realign and balance your territories quickly based on various data such as projected sales volume and opportunity. Aligning your territories will result in balanced workloads for sales personnel, providing them with greater earning potential, improved morale, and career satisfaction.

Using Territorial Hierarchies also enables more flexibility over data visibility, collaboration, and delegation between upper management and sales team, as each member of the team from sales rep to national manager can quickly see and manage the territory they have responsibility for.

Placing new hires to fill coverage gaps in your sales territories is also made easier with eSpatial as you can run radius analysis or drive time analysis from potential locations to identify if enough sales volume falls within your territory definitions.

Create your own balanced territories today

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