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A pin map is the simplest way to express data using eSpatial. It plots a pin wherever there is a geographic location contained in your data: zip code, street, state, country, etc. Just upload an Excel spreadsheet with a column containing locations and – depending on the size of the data – it will be plotted on a map in seconds. You can then start to interact with your data or, alternatively, use the suite of eSpatial features to analyze it. Learn how to create a pin map in three simple steps here.

Plot huge amounts of data

You can plot large amounts of data with eSpatial. To better visualize them you can summarize and group pins – “cluster” them – according to geographic region. For instance, if you have 10 locations plotted in one city, then this will be summarized on the map by a number – the number “10”. This is a useful shorthand feature when you are dealing with massive amounts of data spread throughout a region.

Compare and contrast layers of data

You can create complex visualizations that reveal the different levels of data that impact your business. For instance, if you were a distribution company, you could create a 3-layer pin map revealing the location of customers, sales personnel, and warehouses. Each would be expressed using a different color. Layers can be switched on or off, as required.

Pack your pins with spreadsheet data

Each pin on an eSpatial map contains the data contained in each row of your spreadsheet. This allows you to find information geographically, which is faster and more intuitive than simply reading a spreadsheet. You can also link to web pages or CRM pages, by building links into a map pin.

Choose different styles of pin – or make your own

eSpatial comes with a menu of map icons. Use different icons to express different data on a pin map. You can also express volumes per pin by the actual size of the pin on the map – large for large volumes, small for small volumes. You can also have your logo – or another relevant graphic – attached to map pins.

Are you ready plot your business data on a pin map? Sign up for a free eSpatial trial with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.

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