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The Best Sales Territory Mapping Software

Author image - Stephen Curranby Stephen Curran on

Looking for the best sales territory mapping software? You're looking for eSpatial There are many benefits to mapping your sales territories geographically, such as identifying hidden patterns and trends in your sales performance, reducing conflict between salespeople, and ensuring a fair and profitable workload for your sales reps. Once you know that you want to map out your sales territories, your next job is to ensure that you're choosing the best sales territory mapping software for your organization. We believe...

Make Franchise Expansion Decisions with Mapping Software

Author image - Gillian McCarthyby Gillian McCarthy on

Overlay your franchise locations with demographics and sales data to design fair and profitable territories that existing and future franchisees will want to be a part of. When looking to expand your franchise business, one of the first things you need to look at is territory design. It's going to be the first question a potential franchisee will ask and may be the deal-breaker for many. If you're a long established business you may already have your territory criteria defined...

Mapping For Business 101: Setting Goals & Preparing Your Data

Author image - Colm Kennyby Colm Kenny on

With mapping software like ours, you can upload any type of data so long as it contains location information. You might be thinking that a lot of your data might not be suited for maps, but you would be surprised how much of your organization's data is location based. Your customer and contacts database likely contains thousands of addresses or shipping addresses, same for your suppliers. If you have more than one store or office, all of that information will...

Australian Postcodes Available For Mapping Analysis

Author image - Colm Kennyby Colm Kenny on

Over the past few weeks, we've introduced numerous new datasets for our customers to use in our mapping software such as Three-Digit Zip codesĀ and Congressional Data. The latestĀ dataset we are making available for mapping analysis are Australian Postcodes. Australian Postcodes Like the US and the UK, Australian Postcodes are used to efficiently sort mail with the Australian postal service. All postcodes in Australia have four digits and are placed at the end of an Australian address. Australian postcodes are managed...

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