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Create Heat Maps

What is a heat map? A heat map is a geographical representation of data that highlights the density of data in gradients of color. Heat maps are one of the best ways to get a quick understanding of your data by summarizing it in a single view. Usually, higher density areas are indicated by warmer colors, such as red, and lower density areas are indicated by cooler colors, such as blue. There are two types of geographical heat maps: hot...

Dataset Libraries

When you sign up for a paid eSpatial account, you get a mapping tool that lets you easily overlay your own data onto a number of pre-made boundary and demographic datasets. These are presented in map form and you can access them via the datastore in your eSpatial account (Add Data > Add From Library). There are over 100 third party datasets for you to choose from. Realize the full potential of your data by juxtaposing it with ours at...

Map Postal Codes

What is a postal code map? Postal code maps allow you to analyze your data and create detailed sales territories. By mapping your data with postal code boundaries, you can easily compare sales performance, conduct analysis for marketing and much more. With a free library of 400 boundary and demographic datasets, eSpatial makes it easy to map by postal codes in the UK and Australia. We also offer maps based on the first three characters of Canadian postal codes, known...

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