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eSpatial territory management map

Splitting Sales Territories

Realign Sales Territories Ensuring a Fairer Workload

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Use Case: Territory visualization

Territory Visualization

Understand Your Territories Faster with eSpatial

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Use Case: Market coverage analysis

Market Coverage Analysis

Drive Revenue Growth with Market Coverage Analysis

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Use Case: Sales territory alignment

Sales Territory Alignment

Increase the Productivity and Success of Your Sales Team

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Use Case: Field service management

Field Service Management

Get Your Field Service Team Onsite with Customers Quicker

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Use Case - Market Growth Planning

Market Growth Planning

Identify where to target new initiatives for market growth

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Use Case: Routing efficiency

Routing Efficiency

Meet more clients, get more sales, & save on costs

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Use Case: Franchise expansion

Franchise Expansion

Plan the Profitable Expansion of Your Franchise

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Use Case: Event planning

Event Planning

Find the perfect location for your event

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eSpatial Use Case - Franchise Sales - Available Territories within Radius

Franchise Sales

Close More Franchise Deals with Maps

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Use Case: Sales recruitment

Sales Recruitment

Manage the allocation of your sales staff with mapping

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Use Case: Healthcare clinic attendance

Healthcare Clinic Attendance

Increase attendance rates at your healthcare clinics with mapping

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Map Your Business Data In Minutes