Siemens Real Estate Uses eSpatial to Uncover Savings and Efficiencies

Siemens Real Estate aims to create the most valuable spaces where people at work feel comfortable and can thrive, as corporate real estate managers, they are responsible for Siemens' global real estate portfolio and ensure its sustainable, social, and value-oriented development

Siemens real estate

The Challenge

Siemens Real Estate's aim is to identify cost savings and consolidation opportunities on new property renewals. By merging sites, Siemens can improve customer service while boosting efficiency. Kathy's challenge was that she had extensive data on spreadsheets but needed a way to visualize US and Canadian Siemens locations.

Identifying consolidation opportunities when properties are due for renewal is time-consuming. They manage two property portfolios, so using color-coded maps would speed up their research process. The sales team values their ability to show Siemens locations by county, state, or country when presenting a story to a government department or potential customer. Presenting a robust physical presence could win a new customer.


How Did eSpatial Help?

Present a data story with maps Present a data story with maps

1. Enhanced Data Visualization

Firstly the power mapping capabilities made it easy to upload and visualize portfolios. Color-coding by portfolio type enabled better analysis.

Identify market hotspots Identify market hotspots

2. Speed up Decision Making

It was easy to share maps and collaborate with colleagues and customers, speeding decision-making and increasing buy-in.
Present a story with maps Present a story with maps

3. Present a Story With Maps

Export to PowerPoint was simple and facilitated internal and customer presentations. Siemens could present a visual story easily.

The Result

  • Siemens Real Estate can quickly spot, share and collaborate on potential consolidation opportunities for internal stakeholders
  • Mapping office and employee locations also highlight new consolidation opportunities
  • Mapping office or industrial sites due for renewal alongside other locations or assets uncovers savings and efficiencies
  • Decision-making on future new sites is easy

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