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Relax. Territory management just got easy. Design, realign, and optimize territories with advanced data visualization and optimization. Boost revenue and slash design time. Simple, fast and secure

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What territory management can do for you

eTerritory is the only complete and independent solution for territory design and optimization. Includes power mapping and visualization capabilities.

eTerritory is designed to optimize revenue and productivity

Identify new revenue opportunities.

Save money and increase sales by optimizing resources.

Eliminate territory overlap.

Give salespeople the best chance at success.

Faster onboarding of new employees.

Delight your customers with efficient service.

How eTerritory unlocks hidden revenue and inefficiency

What our customers say

Sales data can be mapped in minutes, saving countless hours, leading to faster, more efficient alignments

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Boost in revenue


Saving in administration time


Improvement in sales productivity

eTerritory is packed with enterprise features

  • Fastest territory alignment builder available. Quickly create territories using advanced algorithms.
  • Optimize territories on zips or points (accounts-based).
  • Super fast realignment processes. Keep your territories current and performing at their best.
  • Integrated with Salesforce.com delivering seemless data uploading and synching.
  • Use criteria like workload and balance alignments easily to create equitable and efficient territories.
  • Communicate and share alignments with ease. Secure sharing designed for you and your team.
  • Unlock new actionable insights in your data. The best visualization and analysis tools are available to you.
  • Maximize sales effectiveness. Identify selling inefficiencies or opportunities with advanced filtering.
  • Speed up your workflows. Intelligent and intuitive features will eliminate wasted time.
  • Involve key stakeholders. Save, print, share, and compare alignments with your team.

Available solutions

Every organisation is unique, so eSpatial offers you three solutions. Start with one and scale. Or invest in the complete package for sales and sales operations.

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You know the struggle it can be to learn and adopt a new software package. You want real people guiding you through the onboarding process. That's where eSpatial excels. Customers rave about our support team. You will too.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I design balanced territories?

Yes, users can balance territories on any metric – revenue, potential revenue, Workload, number of accounts, for example, while also minimizing drive time in each territory.

Yes, our tool allows you to automatically optimize your sales, service, or other territories in seconds.

You can balance or break down any numeric field in your data per territory.

Yes, users can create a calculated attribute and balance on that metric.

Yes, users can bring in salesforce.com data directly with our integration or from an outside source like a spreadsheet.

Yes, users can create a calculated attribute based on multiple existing fields and use it as an index.

Yes, colleagues with eSpatial credentials can access desired alignments.

Yes, colleagues with eSpatial credentials can access desired alignments and be granted the proper rights to modify those alignments.

While not recommended manually, users can assign accounts and postcodes to any territory they wish and create territories to meet any need. Typically, territories should not have "islands," however, you can make exceptions.

eSpatial's optimization algorithms can and do take into account travel time when designing territories.

You can select your center point, which can be a rep's home location, to build your territories around. However, we recommend that you build territories around customers rather than reps.

A geographic center is what it sounds like, the center of the territory based solely on geography. A weighted center considers where the work is or the customers are and suggest a "center" or the location ideal for the rep as it is central to most accounts or work in the territory.

Yes, our solutions come with our core mapping and data visualization platform. Customers can add our eTerritory or eRouting modules on top of that to meet their needs.

Yes. We expect that most companies will benefit from our optimization algorithms. Still, even then, we also expect it to be a 90% solution with manual tweaks and changes to account for local knowledge from the field.

Yes. There are multiple ways to identify and reassign accounts from one territory to another. Most take just a couple of clicks.

Yes. eSpatial allows for exceptions, whether for Named Account purposes or otherwise. It's as simple as reassigning the account to a different territory.

Yes. It is a powerful feature allowing a user to see maps side by side with corresponding tables showing the before and after.

Yes, users can balance territories on any metric or an index created from multiple variables. Typically, users will balance on a Workload or Potential Sales metric–either strategically better than historic revenue or simply the number of accounts.

Yes. It is advised, as it will best maximize your organization's resources. We consider the duration of account visits, frequency of those visits, and travel time to make those calls.

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