Chapter 3: Why do you need mapping software for sales territory management?

Conquering sales territory management - The ultimate guide

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This guide bases all sales territory management insights on extensive engagement with global sales organizations.

These insights have helped us define what we believe to be the 12 reasons mapping software is essential for effective territory management.

12 reasons why mapping software is essential for sales territory management

  • Increases profits and drives sales productivity
  • Quickly divide a target area into more manageable regions
  • Allocates and realigns territories to sales teams more effectively
  • Improves collaboration across the sales team
  • Cultivates better sales leads
  • Build your territories from predefined locations (zip codes, counties, states, provinces, and countries)
  • Creates territories straight from a spreadsheet
  • Overlay other geographic regions or points for reference
  • Balances your territories on multiple data sources
  • Creates Hierarchies to match your company's reporting structure
  • Produces vibrant maps for presentations and reporting
  • Optimizes your selling day with routing

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