Take control – with Territory Mapping

We’ve said it before: all sales happen somewhere. The key question is: where? Or, more importantly, where best? eSpatial answers all these questions with its new territory mapping tool.

How can sales managers use eSpatial territory mapping?

  • They can define territories and quickly assess available data, through visualization
  • They can adjust those territories to match the abilities of their sales teams
  • They can instantly compare territories and balance them, creating greater team equity
  • They can track the impact of market changes on a regular basis and easily adjust territory sizes, where necessary
  • They can share territory maps and reports online

Why eSpatial territory mapping is great for mapping sales areas:

  • Data visualization of territories is instant and impactful – spot problems and opportunities at a glance
  • It’s easy to learn and quick to use – create territory maps in minutes
  • The territory balancing tool can instantly show the effect of boundary changes
  • Territory mapping reports visually express detailed data – these can be highly motivational
  • eSpatial territory maps can be shared – emailed, embedded online or printed