Manage Sales Territories more effectively and efficiently with easy-to-use eSpatial Territory Management Software

Territory Builder Interface

eSpatial creates territory maps on which you can layer and visualize data.

eSpatial helps you manage your Sales Territories more efficiently:

  • Increases profits and achieves greater efficiency through quicker on boarding and clear delineation.
  • Quickly divides up a large target area into more manageable regions.
  • Allocate and realign territories to sales teams more effectively.
  • Improve collaboration across the sales team.
  • Cultivate better sales leads.
  • Build your territories from predefined locations (from zip codes, counties, states, provinces, and countries).
  • Create territories straight from a spreadsheet.
  • Overlay other geographic regions or points for reference.
  • Balance your territories on multiple data sources.
  • Create Hierarchies to match your company’s reporting structure.
  • Produce vibrant maps for presentations and reporting.
  • Optimize your sales calls with routing.
  • Try it for free for 7 days

How eSpatial territory mapping software works

eSpatial lets you create a territory map by stitching together existing geographic boundaries. Once created, the territories can be given unique names and used in maps on which you can place other market-relevant data.

Territories can be formed by combining small geographic boundaries, such as zip codes, or large geographic boundaries, such as countries. You do this by selecting the areas one at a time or by using the Select tool to select larger areas.

If you have your territory structure laid out in a spreadsheet you can upload this to eSpatial and create your territories in seconds.


Overlay other data

You can overlay your point data or other boundary data to help you determine the makeup of your territories.
Once a territory has been created, it can be used – and re-used – as a canvas on which to plot other data. You can create simple pin maps, radius maps or bubble maps on top of your customized territory map. This can be the starting point for an in-depth, focused and fresh market analysis.

Share out work equitably

eSpatial territory maps can provide an instant picture of the division of work across territories. For example, the number of customers per salesperson’s territory can be highlighted. Even more impressively, you can rebalance territories easily so that workloads are spread in a more equitable way. A whole swathe of customers can be transferred from one territory to another with just the click of a mouse.

Adjust when necessary

Markets change constantly – and so do territories. That’s why eSpatial makes it easy to edit customized territories. In addition, because eSpatial saves territories as boundary datasets, if one territory map changes, the changes are automatically applied to all maps that have used that territory dataset.

Export your territories with mapBook

Territory Mapping

Export your territory maps into a mapBook, which is a booklet of your territories in a PowerPoint presentation. The mapBook will include each level of a hierarchy, along with a contents page linking to each territory. The mapBook is exported as a slide deck so it can be easily edited and or inserted into other documents. This is a great way to automatically generate a comprehensive slide deck on your territories to deliver in a presentation or share with colleagues.

Watch our Territory Map tutorial videos

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