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Territory Management Summary

Territory design and alignment is a specific and common use case for mapping software. Territory alignment is the process that sets sales footprints and workloads, allocates customers or products to representatives, and assigns personnel to territories. eSpatial Mapping Software is focused on Territory Alignment and Management which can help organizations achieve sales growth.

Effective Territory Management is crucial to most company’s sales operations, particularly those relying on business-to-business revenue. Territory Management is a crucial component of the Sales Performance Management process, essential for sales force planning, resource deployment, incentive compensation and financial reporting. Yet, much of the work in designing Territory alignments is still being done using spreadsheets. This ignores the fact that most territories incorporate real world locations that would be better understood by way of a data visualization tool.

Territory visualization is one important aspect of the alignment process. Others include hierarchical representation of territories, territory re-alignment capabilities, the ability to use other data sources to help balance assigned territories, collaboration and delegation in the territory process, territory optimization, and sharing of results for on-going reporting. eSpatial incorporates all of these features in its Territory Builder.

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