The ultimate revenue engine trio for territory management

Combining visualization with territory and route optimization

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Sales territory optimization software enables sales operations teams to unlock up to 12% new sales potential. Routing optimization software can enable sales reps to make one more daily sales call.

Visualization and mapping software ensures rapid and more confident decision-making for sales operations and leaders. All are powerful tools for sales and sales ops leadership. But when you combine all three into one complete mapping solution. It is a marriage made in heaven for sales operations.

Your new integrated workflow

  1. You leverage data visualizations and analyze your sales data in new ways.
    Long Island data visualization sales revenue
  2. You design and realign your sales territories to optimize and balance
    Territory alignment - Long Island
  3. You give your sales reps a tool that maximizes profitable selling time
    Long Island optimized sales route

You can do these independently of each other. They work. But imagine a workflow that allows you to integrate your three processes seamlessly.

When a leading medical device company had finalized a significant territory realignment project, they realized that their workflows and geomapping platforms were no longer fit for purpose. Using several systems to achieve a singular outcome (optimized sales territories and routes) resulted in long delays, inefficiencies, and frustration. Sales operations leaders knew there was a better way.

The territory alignment software they had worked, but loading sales data took hours. And there was no data visualization capability to "see" how they were progressing and sense check results. Further complicating decisions was the inability to share maps securely with their sales leaders.

Scenario planning is crucial. They need to create multiple territory alignments and "sense check" each. Using map visualization, you gain new insights when overlaying key numbers like revenue, units sold, and patient implants. They lacked a vital piece of the jigsaw.

Things worsened when they optimized their sales territories. They had achieved one of their goals, but the field team's utilization was a problem. Ineffectiveness and inefficiencies would slow the execution of their realignment project. The team identified that the sales reps need to spend more profitable selling time with a high-value market segment. But the sales routes were not optimized, so sales reps were inefficient. They lacked effectiveness.

To achieve their goal of realizing sales potential. Sales reps need a routing optimization tool. But they struggled to find a single solution that solved their three primary objectives:

  1. To realign and optimize sales territories and maximize sales potential
  2. To analyze and visualize scenarios for their approvals process
  3. To optimize sales routes enabling the sales reps to make an additional call a day.

A marriage made in heaven?

With eSpatial, you easily solve these problems with the power of maps. It is the first and only comprehensive and independent solution for Sales Optimization that offers best-of-breed geo-analytical, territory optimization, and routing optimization capabilities on one platform. It enables enterprises to maximize their field sales resources. Organizations boost revenue by up to 12%, slash administration by 50%, and drive sales effectiveness with 30% more selling time.

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Greg Dette

Greg is GIS through and through. He earned a degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography from Rutger's University in New Jersey and has enjoyed a career in mapping software sales working with: MapInfo, Terralign, MapAnything, and others. His passion is sales optimization with mapping. Working with customers, he helps them expose hidden inefficiencies and revenue and guides them to achieve 100% sales resource capacity. Greg lives in Albany New York. When he isn't solving mapping problems, he enjoys walking his new Labrador puppy and other outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

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