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Franchise Sales

Close more franchise deals with maps

Show prospects available territories

Many franchisees want to operate close to where they reside, so to be able to show them available territories in their area is a valuable sales tool.

Visualize the value of selected territories

Once a prospect has selected a territory, show them visually why it is the best location to operate in.

Validate the franchise agreement

Show them how their territory is within the remits of the franchise agreement.


Growing your franchise means getting out there and selling to potential franchisees. You’re probably going to be attending lots of conferences and trade shows to attract interest and when you're there you’ll want to be able to provide people with all the information the need to feel comfortable that they are making the right decision.

You have set out available territories and done comprehensive analyses to ensure that they are likely to be a success for your franchisees but how do you prove that to them during the sales process.

You need to show them. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than written content so you need to be able to show them quickly and clearly where they can set up business, how your franchise territories are defined and how you have identified whether the area is suitable for your franchise to be located there.


1. Show prospects what territories are available in their area

With lists and spreadsheets of available territories, it can take a lot time to identify the ones that are close to where the prospect lives. You need something instantaneous.

2. Show them why it is a good territory to operate in

It is likely that if they are looking to set up your franchise in an area close to them, they have a rough idea of what the area is like and how well your franchise would work there. They’ve done their homework and you need to show them that you have done yours too.

3. Confirm that the territory is in line with the franchise agreement

Territory definition is one of the main pain points of a franchise agreement. You need to be able to show visually how the territory they have selected matches with the franchise agreement.


1.Territory Map

Visualize your territories geographically by creating them in our Territory Builder. You can build on ZIP, County, or States. You can then color code them to show the status of the territory, whether it is available or not.

The map to the left shows the franchise territories within a 20-mile radius of the prospective franchisees home. The colors represent whether the territory is available or not.

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Territory Map

2.Third Party Datasets

Every eSpatial account comes pre-loaded with 111 boundary and demographic datasets which you can easily overlay onto your own data to uncover deeper insights. Whether you need income, population or age/gender data for a particular area, we have it all ready to be overlaid on your own data.

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Third Party Datasets

3.Publish and Share Your Maps

When it came to presenting all of the above information to your prospective franchisees, you can do it in many ways. You can save the map as a JPEG to include in a power point presentation, you can export the map and tables to PDF or you can export the table data to Excel for further investigation. On top of all this, you can also share with them a link to a live interactive map allowing them to explore the locations more.

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Publish and Share Your Maps


Expanding your franchise is all about getting new franchisees on board and selling them the value of being a part of your well thought out franchise. One of the main questions many of your prospective franchisees will have is about territory definition and what territories are available to them.

Mapping helps to put these details right in front of them. They don't have to try to visualize it themselves because you've already done it. With live interactive maps, you can drop a pin on their address, run a radius search within an acceptable distance from their home and show them the currently available territories, all in less than a minute. Click here to see for yourself.

Find out how to close more franchise deals with mapping software

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