Conquering sales routing - The ultimate guide


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Comprehensive sales route optimization software

When every minute of selling time gained translates to added revenue, efficient and effective sales routes become critical. However, far too many organizations leave route planning up to their reps without training them on best practices. As a result, sales operations teams are plagued by inefficient routes that, while convenient for the driver, miss out on high-priority clients.

Sales route optimization software has become an integral part of any successful business, enabling sales and ops teams to create more efficient routes that hit high-value customers faster than ever.

Using intuitive route planning tools to minimize travel time and prioritize the right accounts, your team can:

  • Gain visibility into rep activity to stay on schedule
  • Optimize routes on the road to prevent disruptions
  • Maximize selling time and the number of visits per week
  • Boost revenue while reducing costs

In this guide, we walk you through the intricacies of route optimization software to see how you can use them to unlock untold sales potential. First, discover the differences between route planning and optimization. Then, we take a look at the fundamentals of routing and some of the incredible benefits route optimization can bring to your team. Finally, we’ll talk about the essential features to look for in software solutions and discuss how you can get started today.