Summer 2023 eRouting Mobile app launch

Paul Connolly by Paul Connolly on June 14, 2023  |  10 minute read

We are delighted to announce our upcoming eRouting Mobile launch. The App will be a perfect companion to eRouting, our route optimization mapping software for Field Sales and Service reps looking to optimize their schedules.

The Mobile App will be available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. While the Mobile App will not be available to our Salesforce and SSO users initially. We plan to support both platforms in due course.

eRouting Mobile is designed with sales and service teams in mind, making optimizing schedules easy.

Access pre-generated routes

You can generate single or multi-day routes with eRouting desktop. It easily eliminates planning time while boosting selling and service time in the field. It is perfect for sales operations or active field personnel. Create optimized routes in minutes, share securely, and re-optimize on the fly if you get a cancellation.

eRouting 5 day route in San Diego
A 5-day route in Miami, created in eRouting desktop

Routes are easily accessed via the eRouting mobile app. Let’s look at the workflow:

Access and update stop/customer details

Easily access and update customer information and stop details on the fly. With one tap, you can:

  • Review company website
  • Send emails
  • Make calls
  • Access live directions
  • View account details
  • Add a stop
  • Check-in

You can also access relevant information like:

  • Notes
  • Sales
  • Tasks
  • Contacts

Update your day on-the-fly

It is rare that a day actually goes to plan due to cancellations, meeting overruns, or traffic. But you can get your day back on track in minutes with eRouting mobile.

Start your day with an optimized route, and re-optimize when you need by manually adding a stop or using the optimize day option.

You can get live traffic directions to each location with your favorite directions app, including Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps.

Create a single-day schedule from scratch

Using eRouting mobile, you can generate a new route from scratch on the app.

You will automatically zoom to your current location:

  • Use the app to optimize your stops
  • Hand-pick your stops

Overlay your accounts on the route map

Your customer just canceled. You have 60 minutes available. You want a quick view of your nearby accounts on a map, so you can select a replacement stop. No problem.

We cannot wait for this major product launch and look forward to your feedback. Please contact your CSM (Customer Success Manager) or me, Paul, the Head of Product, to learn more and help you get set up with our new Mobile App.

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Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly is our Chief Product Officer, linking eSpatial’s product with evolving customer needs. Paul has been with eSpatial for over 20 years, during which time he has excelled in both software development and customer engagement roles. Paul holds a Masters in his discipline; Product Management. From here Paul has expertly led the product roadmap for eSpatial from a traditional server based install to include a highly successful SaaS offering we deliver today. Paul has been author on blog posts in a range of spaces through the years.

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