How to map employee locations

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To map employee locations effectively for a sales or service team, you need solid data – for starters, their home and office addresses.

We recommend that you create two spreadsheets: one for each employee's home address, the other for office locations. From there, you can create a map of all your employee locations. And the good new is, our mapping experts can support you along the way. Let's get started.

How do I map where my employees live or work?

The first question you likely want to answer is where your employees currently live, and where they work. This is an easy map to put together assuming you have the necessary information. We recommend you create a spreadsheet export (likely from your HR files) showing the following fields for each employee.

Recommended fields for your file:

  • Employee name
  • Employee email address
  • Employee contact phone number
  • Employee department
  • Employee job title
  • Home address including street details and ZIP code
  • State

Step 1 – Create an employee location spreadsheet

We recommend that you create two spreadsheets. The first spreadsheet should have a line for each employee's home address; the second with a line for each employee's work location. Alternatively, you can add a column for whether the location is work or home and upload all the data in one sheet.

Now you can build a map like that shown below, demonstrating where your employees live (in purple) and work (in green).

Employee pin map

Map 1 – Employee locations, home and workplaces

We can also create a heatmap of living and working locations, like those shown below:

Employee hotspot heat map

Map 2 – Heatmap of home locations

Step 2 – Use filtering to gain a deeper understanding of employee work maps

You can enrich these maps further by adding more details about your employees that you'd like to understand through the map. For example, you may be interested in specifically visualizing where night shift staff are living in comparison with those working on other shifts. That can be easily mapped by adding a column to your initial spreadsheet that identifies the shift of each employee. The same approach can be used for any filtering factor.

Clicking a pin on the map will show you details for the associated employee. You can also use filters if you want to focus on a subgroup of employees to understand, for example, where your customer service teams are currently working. Read more about filtering.

Step 3 – Can I map where my employees are traveling to?

It can also be helpful to map the travel locations and plans of your employees. For this, we recommend creating a spreadsheet that includes a line for every trip destination planned by your employees. This information should be available from your travel management function. Again, it's important to treat this sensitive information cautiously.

Recommended fields for your file:

  • Employee name
  • Employee email address
  • Employee contact phone number
  • Employee department
  • Employee job title
  • Travel destination including street details and ZIP code
  • State
  • Country
  • Travel reason
  • Travel start date
  • Travel return date

Step 4 – How do I check if my employees are near a dangerous event?

Now you can review your map to see which employees are planning or currently traveling to a danger zone. Now if there's a tornado in Kansas, for example, you can quickly see which employees are supposed to be in the area and when. Simply zoom the map to the location and you can see who is there. By clicking on the pins, you can see the details you've added, which tell you when your employee plans to travel – simple!


Map 3 – Zoom in on employee travel north of Wichita

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