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Drive Time Analysis is a feature designed to help sales and service teams be more productive. It allows you to create drive time buffers from a starting or center point. You can use it to visualize coverage areas in terms of driving times. The biggest benefit is that you save time and increase the productivity of your field sales and service reps by providing them with accounts that are within an acceptable driving distance of their base location, along with saving fuel costs and driving time. Another benefit is when your rep is on the road and has time to spare, they can quickly run a drive time buffer to identify customers nearby to visit.

The within drive time functionality lets you create a buffer from a single point or from all points (up to 200 points) in a dataset. You can set the drive-time between 1 and 120 minutes. Drive Time Analysis is currently only available in our Analyst, Team Plus, and Enterprise Plans.

Drive Time Analysis is used for more than just increasing the efficiency fo sales teams in the field. It can be used by sales managers in the office to build territories or assign accounts to the right representative based on these drive time buffers. Below are just some of the scenarios our users use Drive Time Analysis:

  • Field Service Technicians use it to provide faster service to clients, by choosing the closest technician to a client.
  • Recruiters use Drive Time buffers to find potential new hires close by. E.g. 30 min home to office drive.
  • Event planners use it to find locations that are close to attendees.
  • For job costing, delivery costs tend to increase the further from the location, Drive Time Analysis will help with job costing forecasting.

Discover how you can improve your team’s productivity using Drive Time Analysis with eSpatial. Sign up for a free eSpatial account with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.