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Sales route planning

Effective route planning is an essential component of any field sales strategy. While a navigation app like Apple Maps can find a route between multiple stops, it still requires your driver to input the optimal order for these visits. Not only is this a hassle for sales reps, but it's also an inefficient way to plan routes.

Rather than putting the work on you, eSpatial's powerful field sales planning solutions maximize selling time by optimizing your rep's daily routes. From mapping and designing your sales team territories to planning the most efficient route for each field rep, our route planning software provides a comprehensive view and complete control for sales managers.


Advanced map visualizations

eMapping offers advanced geoanalytical capabilities with customizable visualization options — all on a single platform. Gain new insights into sales territories with intelligent algorithms, and present complex map data to sales representatives in an easy-to-understand way. With eMapping, it's easy to measure performance and optimize resource allocation with location data.


Route planning and optimization

eRouting enables you to maximize selling time and add up to one more sales call a day by reducing travel time with route optimization. Plan up to 20 days of sales calls and eliminate inefficiencies along the way to spend more time with each customer. Also, with eRouting's reoptimization features, you can automatically adjust visits to fit along the fastest route after cancellations or other unexpected events.


Territory design and optimization

eTerritory is a comprehensive solution for creating and enhancing sales territories. Leverage the power of algorithmic intelligence and advanced data visualization to generate optimized territory maps that align with your sales objectives. That way, you can eliminate overlap and prioritize stops along the fastest route for each field rep.

Why use a sales route planner?

Sales route planning is essential to find the optimal route for each driver, enabling them to literally and metaphorically navigate opportunities that have the most impact. Adhering to this planned route allows reps to focus on their specific sweet spot customer, and the reduced travel time translates directly into increased selling productivity. This creates a recipe for field sales success as reps receive more time for customer interactions — the driving force behind your revenue.

With a multi-stop route planner, you can create, edit and share customized maps for each sales rep on any device. By using unique sales data, advanced algorithms and visualizations, you gain actionable insights into urgent leads. Optimization features allow you to make seamless, on-the-go adjustments to timetables as meetings get canceled or postponed and appointment slots open up.

How does it work?

A sales route planner allows you to create an intelligent, optimized driving route for each field rep based on your business' selling data and customer intelligence. This helps your sales team stay on strategy and on schedule for each appointment, ensuring that high-value targets don't slip through the cracks. But how do these tools enable you to plan an optimized route?

Define your strategy

The first step is to define your field sales strategy. To do this, upload your customer data to your route planning platform and generate a pin map of all their locations. Then, divide these stops into various sales territories to strategically cover priority clients. Filtering tools, visualization capabilities and interactive data styling features all allow you to further narrow in on areas of high profits.

Create optimal routes

Once you've input the stops you want to make along your route, it's as simple as clicking a button. The route planner's algorithms quickly generate the most efficient route to reach each destination, taking into account factors like rep and customer schedules, travel time and other data. Sales managers and representatives can also share these routes and itineraries to ensure that everyone remains on strategy.

Maximize selling time

While a planned route is already optimized to reduce travel time, the reality is that many days don't go as planned. A sales route planner allows field reps to make on-the-fly adjustments to the start and stop times for each visit, as well as the number of stops. That way, routes can be reoptimized based on any unforeseen changes that come up.


The multi-stop planner for route optimization

eRouting is a complete multi-stop sales route planning solution with advanced optimization features that minimize inefficiencies and maximize selling time for your reps. Simply set up a pin map of your customer data; analyze, target and select specific appointment stops; and generate optimized routes for your sales reps.

With eRouting, your team can:

  • Filter and view customer data sets in an interactive map.
  • Identify locations and leads with the highest potential to close.
  • Schedule appointments and create daily routes around priority clients.
  • Re-optimize a rep's route with ease after a canceled stop.
  • Spend more time selling to up to 15% more prospects.

eRouting provides your sales team with the visibility, insight and optimization capabilities it needs to plan efficient routes that boost productivity and revenue.

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