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We deal with the whole of the UK so it makes it even more important for us to be able to pinpoint people in certain areas… We can see very clearly by just looking at the map what categories of people we’ve got in what areas. It works really well.

Graham Oliver

Managing Director of Door Entry IP

The value of postcodes

A postcode is probably the most accurate way to identify a location in the UK. For instance, did you realise that each postcode has an average of just 15 properties?

Postcode information allows you to reach the right people

The UK postcode system was introduced as far back as 1857, in order to improve the efficiency of the UK mail delivery service. There’s a reason it hasn’t been surpassed by any other system: it works!

Leveraging postcodes for your business needs

Postcodes make life easy, not just for personal mail users, but for business sectors of every description. Postcode knowledge is essential for a range of activities, such as distribution and logistics, marketing, sales organisation, retail planning, etc.

Where eSpatial postcode mapping software comes in

eSpatial UK postcode mapping software allows multiple layers of spreadsheet data to be uploaded and plotted onto an online map. When you you create a map based on postcodes, the first layer can be UK postcode boundaries (which, unlike some of our competitors, we provide for free, along with hundreds of other datasets). Onto this layer, you can then plot any data you want. You can also analyze that data by using our suite of analytical tools, such as heat maps, radius maps, route optimization maps, bubble maps, etc.

Discover the benefits of UK postcode mapping software

  • Supply an email address and password only – no financial details required
  • Find previously hidden insights, lost in a sea of spreadsheet data
  • Inspire and motivate with our eye-catching data visualizations
  • Make trusted maps from a a tool built on Google Maps, the world’s most trusted mapping engine
  • Save money on servers – eSpatial is an online, cloud-based service, with always-on access
  • Get unrivaled customer support right from the moment you sign up for an eSpatial account
  • After 7 days, switch to our free account to continue mapping data

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