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Map Postal Codes

eSpatial lets you map data according to postal code

What is a postal code map?

Postal code maps allow you to analyze your data and create detailed sales territories. By mapping your data with postal code boundaries, you can easily compare sales performance, conduct analysis for marketing and much more.

With a free library of 400 boundary and demographic datasets, eSpatial makes it easy to map by postal codes in the UK and Australia. We also offer maps based on the first three characters of Canadian postal codes, known as FSAs (Forward Sorting Areas).

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How does a postal code map help?

Comparison analysis

Postal code maps are fantastic for comparing data base on the area. For example, you can visualize the concentration of men aged 35-50 per postcode, or the volume of sales per postcode. The best way to conduct comparison analysis by postcode is with a regional heat map. Regional heat maps represent data by coloring each area in a different shade. For example, this map shows total sales in each postal code. By turning this data into a regional heat map, you can instantly see the highest revenue areas, as well as postal codes that could use more marketing or sales development.

Postal code heat map in the UK
UK territory map based on postal code areas

Territory mapping

Territory mapping is useful for planning which sales or service person will cover a certain geographic area. Postcodes are the smallest boundaries you can work with, which makes it easier to create manageable territories for each individual sales rep. If you map your leads within each postal code, you can balance your territories based on that value, giving each member of your sales team a fair opportunity at being successful. For more information, check out our how-to guide on building territories manually.

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How to add postcodes to your map

With eSpatial, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial. This will give you access to all of our professional features so you can start mapping right away. No credit card details required. Once you’ve signed up for your free trial, log in to eSpatial.

eSpatial free trial sign up

Click on Add from Library then make sure you’re in the eSpatial datastore tab.

Select add from library to find postal code datasets

Search for “post” to bring up a variety of postal code datasets. You’ll receive a variety of results for Australia and the UK, including UK postal areas, districts and sectors. Areas are the largest postal code boundaries. These are then divided into multiple districts, which are divided into sectors. Choose UK Postcode Sectors if you’d like to use the smallest available boundaries. If you’re looking for Canadian postal codes, search for “FSA”.

Where to find postal code datasets in eSpatial

If you’d like to add your own data to the map, you should first ensure your file is in the correct format. Once you’ve done that, click the Add Data button in the Control Panel on the left side of your screen. This will open a new menu screen. Click Upload new data, then select the file you’d like to upload.

Click upload new data to add your own data to a postal code map

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