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What is geo mapping?

Geo mapping lets you take raw data and turn it into a geo map. By visualizing location data in this way, you can immediately understand information that could otherwise take hours to comb through and interpret.

There are many types of geo maps, each serving a different purpose. That’s why eSpatial has created professional geo mapping software that allows you to take spreadsheet information and create the map that’s most suited to analyzing your data. Whether it’s a simple pin map or creating sales territories based on client density, eSpatial can help you create the right geo map to meet your needs.

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Why you should geo map your business data

Build field sales territories

By mapping your business data, you can create sales territories that make the most out of your resources. Use the eSpatial Territory Manager to balance by customers, sales potential, workload, area and much more.

Sales & service coverage maps

Radius and drive time buffers can help you find gaps or overlap in your sales or service coverage areas. This ensures you're making the most of your resources and not missing out on sales.

Market analysis and intelligence

Understand where your customers are and identify areas of potential for future sales growth. This can help you decide the best place to open a new location, where the most high-value sales prospects are and more.

Intelligent route planning

Once you've mapped your business data, you can save time and money with intelligent route mapping. Plan your day and make the most of your time on the road with geo mapping.

Sales reporting and analysis

Instantly see and compare sales performance across regions. Geo mapping is a quick and easy way to see this information at a glance.

How do I create a geo map?

You can start geomapping in minutes with a free seven-day trial of eSpatial, which includes full access to its professional features. Make your first map today by following these simple steps:

1. Sign up for a free trial

First, sign up with a business email and create a password.

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Once you've logged in to your trial, you'll be given four map options. Choose Pin Map for starters. Next, you have the option to use our example data, choose data from our library or upload your own. To prepare your own location data, make sure the columns in your spreadsheet include unique headings, such as address, city and state. Save your data in Excel (XLS) or CSV format before uploading. Check out our how-to guide for more tips on formatting your data.

Once you've uploaded, eSpatial will automatically choose the relevant headings. If you need to adjust the information, click “Change Settings.” When you're ready to map, click “Complete.”

Prepared geo mapping data in an excel spreadsheet

eSpatial will use the data you entered to create a pin map, and that’s just the beginning. Let’s look at what type of geo maps you can create now that you’ve uploaded your location data to eSpatial.

A pin geo map of warehouse locations in the US

What kind of geo map can I make?

Pin maps

Pin maps are the simplest way to plot your data. They can be useful for visualizing where your customers are based, and can be styled and color-coded based on different properties, such as a customer’s average purchase value. This would allow you to see where your most valuable customers live.

Pin geo map

Heat maps

This type of geo map lets you quickly see pockets of density. Use heat maps to easily identify high and low performing sales territories, areas that have a high number of insurance claims.

Hot spot heat map

Territory maps

Any company that has a field sales team needs to think about territory mapping. It can help you create fair and manageable regions for your field sales team. This prevents accidental overlap, ensures sales reps can pay enough attention to leads and improves employee satisfaction. When done hand in hand with route optimization, territory mapping can also help your sales reps make the most of their time on the road each day, leading to lower fuel costs and higher sales.

US territory map

Radius maps

With eSpatial, you can create radius geo maps based on distance or drive time. These options are great for analyzing where to open your next franchise, plotting how much area a service technician can cover or assigning clients to field sales reps.

Radius map

Why choose eSpatial for geo mapping?

This process has a wide variety of applications across many different industries. eSpatial is the ideal software for it, giving you powerful analysis and support to help you reach major organizational goals. Here are just a few of eSpatial’s key features:

  • Range of geo mapping tools: eSpatial can map data in multiple ways to suit particular business goals.
  • Built-in datasets: eSpatial offers access to more than 100 boundary and demographic data sets for you to plot and compare with your own data.
  • Easy-to-use solution: eSpatial requires no previous mapping experience. It’s fast, easy and powerful. You can upload and map your data in seconds.
  • Full training and support: If you need any help, we provide outstanding support, including live chat, video tutorials, how-to guides and one-on-one support sessions.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms: eSpatial is compatible with PC or Mac, and you can access your account from multiple devices (including your smartphone).
  • No downloads required: Because eSpatial is a cloud-based software, there are no downloads required. All maps are stored on our secure servers.

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