In just a few clicks, convert Excel spreadsheet data into a map in seconds then share it online or offline.


eSpatial makes it easy

Turning spreadsheet data into a map couldn’t be easier. Just ensure your data has a column with a location element in it – zip or post code, address, state, country, etc. It can then be uploaded to eSpatial and plotted…in seconds.

Excel to map

Map Excel Data

eSpatial accepts a range of popular Excel formats. When your data is uploaded, a default pin map is created. Attached to each pin is the Excel spreadsheet data associated with that location – e.g. sales figures, contact details, web links, etc

Spreadsheet vs. Map

Why map Excel data? In a nutshell: data that is interactive and expressed in a range of colors is far more engaging and understandable than data locked in the cells and rows of a spreadsheet. It can reveal previously overlooked connections, resulting in better informed – and faster– decision-making.

How much data can be plotted?

eSpatial is available in a number of versions, each one with different geocoding and mapping data limits. The free version of eSpatial allows you to upload up to 250 rows of data per 24-hour period. At the other end of the scale is our premium product – Enterprise – which allows an upload of 100,000 items per 24-hour period.

Map Excel data quickly and easily

A minimum knowledge of Excel is all that is required when using eSpatial to map spreadsheet data. The mapping software has been designed for people with absolutely no experience of mapping or data manipulation. However, we have extensive support when you need it – live chat, video tutorials and help pages. You will be amazed by what you can do – and so will your boss!

Data analysis

eSpatial comes with built-in tools for data analysis. Click the Analyze Data button and you will be presented with a range of options to analyze the data that you have mapped. Layer other data (eSpatial comes with free datasets, including census information) on top of your data. This will give you a fully-comprehensive, detailed picture of the market most relevant to your business.

Map and share

When you map Excel data using eSpatial, you can then share your findings. Use email or simply embed your map in a website. You can also print high resolution outputs, which make great wall posters. How you share your map is entirely in your hands

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