Territory Mapping Software

Optimize revenue and slash inefficiencies

Territory mapping software for sales and service operations is proven to boost revenue and eliminate inefficiencies. Revenue operations use it to optimize the field team's sales potential and the number of sales or service calls. It is perfect when allocating your sales resources more efficiently. Easily create, divide, merge or realign sales and service territories fast. Use advanced scenario planning tools to share new alignments with critical people.

Why do sales and territory managers use eSpatial territory management software?

  • To optimize sales territory revenue
  • To minimize the cost of sales
  • To adjust or realign sales territories to match sales rep capabilities
  • To apply a workload balance and design equitable territories
  • To add weighted balances to alignments to reflect selling priorities
  • When a sales or service rep leaves, dividing or merging territories is easy.
  • They can instantly compare territories and balance them, creating greater team equity
  • They can track the impact of market changes on a regular basis and easily adjust territory sizes, where necessary
  • They can share territory maps and reports with key stakeholders
  • It eliminates territory planning guesswork
  • Create data-backed regional territories faster

Why eSpatial territory mapping software is perfect for optimizing sales areas

  • Instant and impactful territory mapping means you spot problems and opportunities at a glance
  • It's easy to learn and quick to use - create territory maps in minutes
  • The territory balancing tool can instantly show the effect of boundary changes
  • Territory mapping reports visually express detailed data - these can be highly motivational
  • eSpatial territory maps can be shared - emailed, embedded online or printed

What territory mapping software can do for you

  • Complete territory projects in a fraction of the time it takes with manual processes
  • Drives collaboration
  • Compresses territory design timelines while boosting accuracy
  • Fine-tune and refine territories fast as market dynamics change

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