Product overview

With eSpatial Mapping Software, you can find hidden detail in your data with location analytics which allows you to segment and filter your data to connect business activity directly to a location. You get an interactive snapshot of your data for instant understanding with color-coded maps, graphs, charts, and annotations. You can map and manage your territories for rapid assignment and balancing which allows you to manage your resources more effectively. You can plan sales or service calls with radius and nearest neighbor analysis and make the most of your time in the field with optimized routing.

eSpatial is a platform that allows you to target revenue growth, make cost reductions and improve customer service amongst others. All of your maps and analysis can be shared as live interactive maps or exported as images or raw data depending on your requirements. Geographic visual representations of your maps help others understand your reports and presentations much quicker than a table or graph.

Product features and tools

eSpatial is designed to be a powerful yet easy to use mapping software with a comprehensive set of features that enables you to visualize, analyze and share your business data. It allows you to dig deeper into your sales data to identify trends and patterns that help drive decisions for business growth.

Data Loading & Management Tools

With eSpatial you can load your data from multiple sources including spreadsheets, CRM, Databases, ERP or POS Systems for live, interactive views of your data.

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Data Styling Tools

eSpatial provides you with the ability to vary the symbol, size or color of data points depending on some attribute value associated with the points.

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eSpatial Mobile

eSpatial Mobile is the perfect companion for field sales and service reps that need easy access to their customer data, in addition to creating optimized routes on the go.Working from the palm of your hand, eSpatial Mobile packs a serious punch in its ability to help staff organize their day in the field.

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Map Styling Tools

Create a range of eye-catching, data-rich, interactive maps with eSpatial. We have a range of map styles to visualize every type of business data to optimum effect.

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Map Interaction Tools

One of the main benefits of online mapping software is the ability to visualize and interact with your data. With eSpatial, there are many things you can do to interact with your map.

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Territory Management

Territory design and alignment is a specific and common use case for mapping software and eSpatial has a complete set of features to help you design and assign your territories to achieve sales growth.

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Route Planning Tools

eSpatial’s Route Planning software takes your chosen stops and optimizes a route to reach them all making sure your sales team’s time is spent in the most efficient manner saving time and money by generating optimized routes for up to 100 stops.

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Collaborate & Share

With eSpatial, it easy to work with colleagues, both locally and remotely by offering seamless collaboration through our cloud mapping software.

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Admin & User Management Tools

At eSpatial we understand the importance of being able to add users quickly and when required. We also know that users have different requirements and require different permissions.

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