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The perfect choice for sales, marketing, service, and logistics teams. Create heatmaps, pin maps, and zip code maps in minutes. Territory and route optimization. Simple and powerful map software.

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eSpatial Features Customers Love

Product - Territory / pin-map

1. Territory Mapping and Management

Create, merge, align, optimize or balance territories up to 32x faster. Complete power territory mapping software for sales, marketing and operations. Boost revenue and slash design time. Simple, fast and secure.

Product - Route map

2. Route Mapping and Optimization

Optimize routing software for sales and service teams. Our advanced recommendations engine will help boost utilization and productivity. Mobile ready to allow users in the field instant access to up to date routes and schedules.
Product - Hotspot heat map

3. Create a Story With Your Data on Maps

Present your data on heat maps, radius maps, ZIP maps, proximity, and drive time maps. Gain new insights, spot trends, and unlock hidden opportunity.
Product - Territory map

4. Simple and Fast Power Mapping

Loved by thousands of users worldwide for being simple, fast, and powerful. Our product offers full support, talk to a real people in-person or in-app.
Product - Secure sharing

5. Collaborate Securely

You get the highest levels of security. Share and collaborate with colleagues and customers easily. Speed up your decision making process and increase buy-in.
Product - Add data

6. Data Loading

Load Excel, CSV, and CRM data in seconds. Integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce data. Your data can be used to generate live interactive maps that can be shared privately or publicly.

What Can You Do With eSpatial?
  • Instantly see geographic trends and patterns.
  • Import, analyze, segment, and report on data.
  • Create maps for any country worldwide: use address, zip code, postcode, or county data.
  • Create geographic dashboards, heat maps, charts, and reports.
  • Filter and segment data with location analytics.
  • Embed maps on a website or blog.
  • Print, export, and share results both on and offline.
Why is eSpatial Different?
  • It is a complete mapping solution for data visualization, territory management, and routing.
  • You partner with a designated account manager who will ensure you reach your goals.
  • eSpatial includes free datasets like census, zip code, states, counties, and more.
  • eSpatial is cloud-based, so you are future-proofed. And it's quick and easy to get started and see results.
  • eSpatial provides a fully secure and confidential service, trusted and backed by 20 years of mapping experience.

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eSpatial requires JavaScript to run. Please enable JavaScript to sign up for a free trial

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About eSpatial

At eSpatial, we believe mapping should be fast, easy, and powerful. With our mapping software, you can easily upload and visualize multiple data layers, quickly create dynamic reports, analyze critical areas and share the results.

Sales, Marketing and Operations leaders turn to eSpatial when they want to:

  • Discover actionable insights by visualizing and analyzing sales data
  • Optimize territory design to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance resource productivity
  • Maximize rep selling time and utilization with advanced routing optimization

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