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Build Heat Maps From Excel

  • Upload Business Data From Excel
  • Analyze Geographic Point Density
  • Analyze Regional Density
  • Share Live Maps
  • Export to JPEG or Powerpoint

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Create your heat map in 2 Steps

1.Import Your Data From Excel

Create a heat map - Step 1

You can map any excel spreadsheet that contains a location column. The more granular your data, the better the result so try to include street addresses and zip codes.

2.Switch On Heat Map Styling

Create a heat map - Step 2

The Heat Map settings can be found in the Styling Menu. Here, you can change the colors, the ranges, and the values that your heat map is based on.

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eSpatial is user-friendly and has a lot of powerful features. The customer service is exceptional and the software is incredibly valuable. It's hard to find mapping software that can compete with eSpatial.

Ann Casey

Visualize your business data in minutes

eSpatial allows you to quickly create powerful Hot Spot Heat Maps that immediately highlight clusters of your data in just a matter of clicks.

  • Identify clusters of customers.
  • Highlight opportunities outside of current territories.
  • Uncover trends in sales of particular products in particular locations.
  • Quickly spot areas for further investigation based on the density (or lack thereof) of sales.
Isometric image - Layer 1

About eSpatial

At eSpatial we believe mapping should be fast easy and powerful. With our mapping software you can easily upload and visualize multiple layers of data, quickly create dynamic reports, analyze key areas and share the results. We provide rapid visual insight that takes the guesswork out of decision making.

We are a collective group of mapping enthusiasts and have been delivering geographic solutions for over twenty years. Trusted by our customers and partners that span nearly every industry, we are committed to helping our users achieve their business goals through mapping.

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