“Using eSpatial reduced my trip planning time by 75%.”

– Katherine McKay, Deerfield Academy


route planning map

Create interactive maps and directions with our route optimization tool

Want maps and directions? eSaptial creates route planning maps in seconds, with turn-by-turn navigation. Accessible and shareable on PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and smartphones.

Create Route Maps from A to B – and everywhere in between

Generating customized maps and directions couldn’t be any easier. Plot your Excel data on a map, pick a Start Point and a Finish Point and eSpatial will create the optimized route for your journey. A great feature for anyone on the road. Or for those tasked with planning business trips for sales personnel.

Turn-by-turn directions that you can change anytime

If you plan to make multiple stops, you can select up to 100 locations and include them in your eSpatial route map. Each time, the software will calculate the most efficient route between stops. Turn-by-turn navigation is provided. This will save you time – and money, since you burn less fuel by following an optimized route plan.

Want to share a route plan? Just send a link – or print

Are you a Sales Manager or Administrator? Create an eSpatial route map, copy the URL link and send it to any member of your team. Depending on the version of eSpatial you’re using, a route plan (sent via URL link to the interactive map) can be shared with the whole world, specific groups or specific individuals within a team. You can also use the Print Steps feature to print off a map containing a list of directions – the perfect backup if you’re in an area poorly served by the internet.

Works with Google Maps App

eSpatial route maps can be accessed on PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and smartphones. Turn-by-turn directions can also be generated by opening a route plan on any mobile device running the latest Google Maps App.

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