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You can use eSpatial to not only look at the bigger picture but to drill down and focus in on a particular area of interest.

Analyzing data usually starts with an export of all your data from your CRM or Database into Excel or CSV format. In Excel, you would filter this data to get to what you really want to look at. In eSpatial, you can filter your table of data in the same way you would in Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

With eSpatial, you can filter all types of data whether you want to focus in on a particular region, or a salesperson’s customers, or sales of a certain value. This allows you to identify new trends and patterns that may have gotten lost in a sea of data. Learn how to filter your data in eSpatial by following our easy to follow how-to guide here.

Some common filtering options are:
  • Filter high value
  • Filter low value
  • Filter by salesperson
  • Filter by boundary
  • Filter by territory

Are you ready to filter and analyze your data on a map? Sign up for a free eSpatial account with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.