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This article was last updated April 2015

Microsoft has now discontinued its MapPoint product. eSpatial provides similar functionality and is free to trial.

eSpatial on an iMac

eSpatial turns spreadsheet data into maps – in seconds. Sign up for a free trial to compare eSpatial with MapPoint.

Who uses eSpatial?

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…and many many thousands of other customers around the world.

What they say about eSpatial

I would say that if you’re looking for the most up-to-date software out there – and the most up-to-date maps…eSpatial is second to none

David Klarich

Senior Marketing Specialist at USI building solutions

We started out looking at 12 types of mapping software. We cut that down to 7. eSpatial was the final – and best – choice

Bradi Dobson

Marketing with American Credit Acceptance

Why eSpatial is a great alternative to MapPoint

  • It is an online mapping software that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, using Mac or PC desktops, iPads, tablets or smartphones. No downloading required.
  • Easy-to-use mapping software with outstanding customer support from GIS experts. eSpatial has been providing mapping solutions since 1997.
  • Uses Google Maps to plot Excel data. That means that you have the most trusted geographic mapping program in the world – one that contains information that is constantly updated and (unlike MapPoint data) does not go out of date.
  • Offers a suite of mapping options that includes pin mapping, territory mapping, heat mapping, route optimization mapping, etc. Datasets can be plotted using a mix of mapping styles, creating a detailed, comprehensive market picture.
  • Maps can be easily shared or distributed via email or by embedding in websites. Privacy options allow you to securely share filtered mapped data with specific individuals or groups. Non eSpatial users can also access shared maps, without having an eSpatial account or having to download extra software or plugins.
  • Comes with free dataset library that includes demographic information, including census and boundary data.

Compare eSpatial with MapPoint

What to do next

  • Watch this short video that highlights all eSpatial features
  • Sign up for a free trial with just an email address and password – no credit card or other payment details required. (Even if you decide not to become a paying customer, you can continue to create maps after the trial, with our free account)
  • (If you want) Talk to our support team on Live Chat about what you want to achieve using eSpatial
  • Start making the most detailed, informative maps you could ever imagine – in minutes!

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