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Create Vibrant Maps with Your Zoho Reports

Transform your Zoho Reports into vibrant and interactive maps with eSpatial Mapping Software. Use Heat Maps, radius maps, territory maps, demographics and optimized routing for deeper insight and faster decision-making.

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These are just some of the benefits of mapping your Zoho Reports using eSpatial mapping software:

  • Visualize your Zoho data on a map.
  • Import, analyze, segment your Zoho Reports data.
  • Create maps globally: Use address, zip code, post code or counties data.
  • Use demographic and location data to filter and segment your Zoho Reports data.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in real-time on mapping projects.
  • Create a range of map types, from heat maps, radius maps, and more.
  • View your sales territoriesĀ on a map.
  • Embed maps on your website.
  • Print, export, and share maps both online and offline.
  • Use eSpatial map plotting software to plot your Zoho Reports and turn them into interactive points on a map and start seeing results today.

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Clients that use eSpatial

Data Visualization

Identify patterns and trends in your data that can go unseen in spreadsheets and CRMs.

Territory Management

Manage Sales Territories more effectively and efficiently.

Advanced Map Styling

Use different pin shapes, sizes, colors,basemaps, and labels to bring your data to life.

Reveal Data Intensities With Heat Maps

Instantly identify clusters of activity within your data with hotspot and regional Heat Maps.

Data Filtering

Filter your data by value, status or region to drill down to the information that is important to you for further analysis.

Export, Embed, and Share your Maps

Share and embed your maps across websites, documents, or with colleagues.

Radius & Coverage Maps

Identify nearby opportunities and monitor your coverage with Radius Maps.

Multi-Stop Route Planning

Save time and fuels costs with our advanced route optimization software.

Collaborate Together Seamlessly

Collaborate with colleagues in real time while keeping track of changes.

Demographics and Boundaries

Layer your data with demographic information to learn more about market potential. Add boundary data for visualization, reporting and drill down by geography.

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