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Our Customers and What They Say About eSpatial

Maps used by international businesses and non-profit organisations

eSpatial provided us with the perfect platform to define our Sales Territories nationally, allowing us to collaborate with Regional Vice Presidents on multiple territory options. This has also resulted in more efficient and transparent lead allocation. The process went so much smoother than expected and we now plan on reviewing our territory alignment on a more regular basis. The support team has been great, responding promptly to any questions I had.

Daniel Lamenzo Program Manager

The new Drive Time feature helps us tremendously both in high traffic areas such as LA, where drive time is so much more helpful than mile radius, as well as in very rural areas in the mountains where 30 miles takes much longer than you think.

Rebecca Amico

California State Representative

eSpatial mapping software enables us to quickly and effectively geo-map our data, dramatically speeding up the decision making process. In addition, eSpatial’s expert support team have helped us to unlock even more uses for its mapping capabilities.

Neil Dixon

Head of RMT & Supplier Management

eSpatial has become a key tool for our strategic sales and marketing activities. The mapping capabilities have given us a platform to build a business case and visually pitch a strategy internally to increase our market footprint and execute on marketing campaigns.

Ken Chung

Strategic Marketing

eSpatial is a fantastic tool in helping us grow our business. Mapping our franchise territories unearths new opportunities and gives us full visibility of our clients' "areas of protection" which has improved the service we provide to them. The support we receive from the eSpatial team is amazing.

James Cappiello

Director of Expansion

eSpatial’s platform is more than robust enough to expand well beyond our original needs, but user-friendly and intuitive enough for our team to jump right in and start mapping. eSpatial’s tools and resources were necessary in order to close a $1.2 million annual account, and their team helped us through all of the processes in getting started and making sure our needs were accommodated effortlessly.

Michael Szymanski

Senior Marketing Consultant

At Compact Power, we are relentless about exceeding our customer expectations. eSpatial is a vital component in helping us achieve this with their powerful, yet easy to use web-based mapping software. Their customer service continues to exceed our expectations, both in timeliness and quality.

Steven Walters

Help Desk Administrator

eSpatial has become an essential part of how our account managers plan their sales visits each week. With our previous mapping software, all data input was done manually. With eSpatial’s ease of use and ability to perform daily automatic data updates, our account managers now have easy access to current customer information mapped to their sales territories anywhere and at any time.

Jon Ray

Director of Sales and Marketing

eSpatial’s powerful mapping software helps us to include an exemplary visual illustration of the in-depth data analysis we provide to our clients through our app platform. The mapping software provides a unique value-add allowing for quick and easy comprehension of data specific to a location by those who prefer a more visual output.

Nick Thomas

Manager - Client Operations

We have a complete, up to date view of our clients, staff, and resources. This enables us to mobilize our staff and resources to the best location to support our clients and react quickly to incidents. eSpatial is an absolute game changer, helping us make better decisions.

Andres Delacruz

Deputy Director of Business Continuity

eSpatial helps us identify the best locations to hire new staff and the most suitable markets to test new products to better serve our clients. The customer support is what makes eSpatial stand out as they are always really helpful and quick to respond.

Matt Weaver

Retail Operations Analyst

eSpatial helps Essen Health Care to provide a better service to our patients by ensuring that doctors are assigned based on geographic proximity. Our patients are happier and our doctors can treat more patients and spend less time on the road.

Sumir Sahgal

Chief Medical Officer

We use eSpatial to gain a visual understanding of our business which helps us to expand our retailer coverage across North America, the UK, and Europe. eSpatial also allows us to easily drill down and get granular details of each territory to gain a competitive advantage

Danielle Camacho

International Sales Manager

eSpatial is easy to learn and quick to see results. I enjoy working with eSpatial. They helped me set-up an automated process to upload customer locations (datasets) daily which saves me hours of work.

Wally Bergseth

Software Engineer

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