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New Mapping Software Release – Q2 2018

In February we brought eSpatial to the Salesforce AppExchange, but the hard work didn’t stop there. Our Q2 2018 release includes some great new additions and improvements such as the long-awaited eSpatial Mobile, Salesforce improvements, printing enhancements, and additional workflow enhancements. Like all our releases, we listened to the feedback from our wonderful customers to provide them with the features they need to drive growth and revenue. eSpatial Mobile is just the latest in a long range of exciting plans we have for our mapping software customers.

eSpatial Mobile has arrived!

Who’s eSpatial Mobile for?

eSpatial Mobile is an extension of eSpatial mapping software, primarily designed to empower teams in the field. We understand the stressful and time-consuming days of those who work on the road. That is why we wanted our customers to access a portable, user friendly, time saving app. It’s as simple as making maps in the office or at home and taking them with you in your pocket.

Where can I find eSpatial Mobile?

Right now, you can access eSpatial Mobile from your browser on your mobile device. In the coming weeks, our brand new mobile app will be available for download from the Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore, and available within the Salesforce app too.

Route Planning with eSpatial Mobile

Salesforce Improvements

Following the successful launch of eSpatial mapping software on the Salesforce AppExchange, we are committed to continually improving the experience. Check out the what we have added in this release:

1. Support of Record Types

Filter and Color By Value for Record Types.

2. Add Data – Search Functionality

You can now search for fields of data that you want to add to your map.

3. Remember Column and Settings with Add Data

Settings and Columns will now be remembered from the last addition made.

4. Available Fields from Joins automatically included

If your Salesforce objects are joined to another, for example, Accounts and Contacts, all fields will be available to import into eSpatial.

5. Custom Report Support

We now support custom Salesforce reports in eSpatial.

Printing Enhancements

Printing is an essential feature for many of our customers, and based on their feedback, we have made some enhancements to the Print Preview:

1. Fine Grain Zoom

You can now use a more fine-grained zoom to get the exact detail you’re looking for.

2. Cropping

Use crop to only include what you want people to see.

Print Enhancements

Additional Enhancements

1. Distinct String Thematic

Color By Value will now automatically update when you add a new value is added or taken away from the value list.

2. Territory Builder Exit

A new Add to Map button is now available in Territory Builder for improved ease of use.

3. SSO Parameters

eSpatial now supports further SSO with Microsoft’s ADFS.

Don't miss our upcoming webinar covering the latest eSpatial release.

Our Senior Sales Manager, Kevin O'Brien, will walk you through what's new and how it can benefit your business.

Keep In Touch

We’re very excited to be bringing eSpatial Mobile and all these other improvements to our customers. Make sure to check in with your Customer Success Manager or catch us on the in-app chat if you wish to know more. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep in touch with all the latest eSpatial news.

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