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3 great ways we’ve improved eSpatial mapping software

We’ve just upgraded eSpatial. This means our world-leading online mapping software now comes with improved performance and new features.

The latest upgrade incurs no additional charges and requires no action on a user’s part. In addition, new features automatically come into effect – there’s no need for any software upgrades or any re-alignment to new servers. That’s the joy of using cloud-based mapping software!

As usual, our upgrade was designed to satisfy the needs of users – so please, keep that feedback coming!

Improved Data Upload

Mapping your data with our software was never difficult, but we have discovered a way to make it even easier: we’ve added an upload progress bar. This means, you see  what percentage of the upload is complete, as it happens, and how much time remains to finish the process. In addition, the amount of data uploaded and the number of upload errors are clearly indicated by green and red bars, respectively.

Click to watch our tutorial video:

New ways to correct data upload errors

We’ve simplified the error correction process. Now you can do it all, without exiting our mapping software.

You can now use your cursor to place and plot missing locations on a map. Alternatively open up the data record and manually change any false or misread location information. If that doesn’t work, you can  find any missing address through our new search facility. When you’re happy with the data, save your changes and that’s it for any errors!

You can also update other existing data and easily add new records.

Click to watch our tutorial video

New Social Media sharing buttons

Previously, eSpatial users had to click the “share” icon on a map, then cut and paste links into the various social media channels. Easy enough, but one user suggested that we include social media sharing buttons. Great idea!

Now use eSpatial mapping software to generate a report or map, then click the share button. You still get links that you can share and embed, but you will also get buttons that allow sharing on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

One final note

Don’t panic, if you don’t instantly see the changes! In order to access these new features you will need to clear you browser cache. If you’re still having difficulties, please contact eSpatial support.

Enjoy the new upgrade!

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